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NHL expected to detail rule changes

Expansion of video review among recommendations by Competition Committee

by Nicholas J. Cotsonika @cotsonika / Columnist

LAS VEGAS -- The NHL expects to detail rule changes, including the expansion of video review, after the general managers meet in Vancouver on Thursday.

The general managers will be the last group to hold discussions and provide input as part of the process, following the NHL Board of Governors in Las Vegas on Wednesday and the NHL/NHL Players' Association Competition Committee in Toronto on June 11.

"We have some very specific things that we'll be talking to the general managers about, seeking their input and hopefully ultimately their approval," NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said after the Board of Governors met Wednesday.

Commissioner Bettman and NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly declined to give specifics until after the GMs meet.

"There will be a lot of specificity tomorrow," Daly said. "We have specific rules. We just have to get the language."

The Competition Committee recommended changes to the coach's challenge and expanded video review, including as it relates to a referee's ability to review some of his own calls on the ice.

The Competition Committee also recommended:

-- A player be reasonably required to leave the ice if his helmet comes off during play.

-- The defending team not be allowed to change lines when a goalie freezes the puck on a shot from outside the red line. The attacking team would have the choice of end-zone dot for the face-off.

-- The attacking team have the choice of end-zone dot on a face-off after an icing and starting a power play.

-- The defending team not be allowed to change lines and the attacking team have the choice of end-zone dot for the face-off, if an official determines a skater on the defending team knocks off the net unintentionally.

-- All face-offs be at one of the two dots in the attacking zone when the attacking team is responsible for the puck going out of play in the attacking zone.

In addition, the Competition Committee recommended the adoption of a proposal that would modify existing regular season tie-breaking procedures and adding additional criteria.

The Board of Governors approved the changes subject to the approval of the GMs.

"It seems that the constituent groups involved in this process are in sync," Commissioner Bettman said.

Commissioner Bettman said the Board of Governors discussed where the salary cap might be for the 2019-20 season, but it is subject to further discussion and agreement with the NHLPA. 

"I'm not going to get into numbers now," he said. "I'd rather that they complete their process."

The NHL or NHLPA can opt out of the current collective bargaining agreement in September. If they do not, it will expire before the 2021-22 season.

"The Players' Association told us to expect that the next meeting would be after they had concluded their meetings, which have been recently concluded," Commissioner Bettman said. "I anticipate at some point in the next few weeks we'll be getting together."

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