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Peter Budaj gets Ned Flanders-Thor mashup mask

New Lightning goalie orders unique spin on 'Simpsons' character @NHL

There's no telling what Ned Flanders as Thor could ding-dong-diddly do if Flanders as Satan could create something as dastardly as a forbidden doughnut. For Peter Budaj's sake, hopefully it's commanding a lot more saves and wins.

The goalie ordered up a new mask after he was traded to the Tampa Bay Lightning on Feb. 26 from the Los Angeles Kings. He wore it for the first time for the Lightning's 3-2 win against the New York Rangers on Monday.

Designed by goalie mask artist Dave Gunnarsson, the headwear features Flanders as the storm-weather controlling god from Norse mythology, an all too appropriate theme for the new Lightning goalie. Budaj's mask with the Kings had Flanders wearing a crown.

With snarling Flanders on his bucket, however, Budaj is going into all his games fine and dandy like sour candy.

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