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Piglet races at 2020 Winter Classic get crowd going during intermission

Social media, TV broadcast light up for unique event, staple of Texas State Fair

by Dan O'Leary @DanOLeary25 / Staff Writer

Piglet race at the Winter Classic

NSH@DAL: Olczyk cheers on piglet race contenders

Eddie Olczyk takes a front seat and cheers on during a piglet race at the 2020 Winter Classic in Dallas

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The Winter Classic has hit the Pig Time.

In one of the more unique entertainment choices in the event's history, the 2020 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic held piglet races, a staple of the Texas State Fair, at intermissions. All the pigs were given unique, hockey-related names.

Gabriel Landeskog, the Colorado Avalanche captain, was plenty amused by his namesake.

Tweet from @GabeLandeskog92: 😂

The first race featured Alex "OINK"vechkin, Joe "PORK'velski, Bobby "BOAR" and Ro-"HAM"Josi. The second pitted Gabriel Landes"HOG", Tyler "SWINE"in, Gordie "SOW"e and "PORK"a-rine. The third race had Jordan "PIG"ington, Andrew "HOG"liano, Ray "Pork" and Ryan Jo"HAM"sen.

Gabriel Landes"HOG" won the second heat, joining Ro"HAM" Josi and Ray "PORK" in the final.

NBC color analyst Eddie Olczyk went down to race level to take in the first round of action, which left him and broadcast partner Mike "Doc" Emrick in stitches.

For those interested parties, Ro"HAM" Josi was the big winner in the finale.

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