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Tyler Toffoli: LA Baseball's Unsung Kings Hero

Tyler Toffoli has become the Dodgers unofficial intern of the summer

by Chanelle Berlin and Diane Phan @thxbud /

With the LA Dodgers leading 2-1 in the NLCS, it's time to acknowledge one of their secret weapons. He disguises himself as a hockey player during the colder months. His name is Tyler Toffoli.

If we let Toffoli tell it, he stayed in Los Angeles this summer to better prepare to be a top scorer in the NHL this season.

"Just to continue to take another step forward and try to get better," he said in September. "I worked hard in the summer, stayed here all summer, and [I want to] just kind of be consistent."

A 30-goal scorer who wants to add a few more to his total - likely story. That doesn't explain why Toffoli seems to also spend every day at Dodger Stadium. Really, he's there all the time.

All. The. Time.

Tweet from @CatBelanger: ������������ #PupsInThePark

The signs have been popping up for more than a year, but it's time to acknowledge that either Toffoli is living in Chavez Ravine, or he has two jobs. Luckily a team of investigators - fine, it's us - did the leg work to get to the bottom of this. After hours of research, we realized we simply needed to check social media.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have star players on the field, and they also have a champion helping out behind-the-scenes. Tim Tebow may have given up on football to try baseball, but wake us when he's working year-round to represent two leagues at the same time.

He seems to juggle both roles (and the responsibilities that come with them) with aplomb.

Being a good host and welcoming and engaging with celebrities? CHECK.

Tweet from @tytoff16: Having a Dodger Dog with @marniethedog ����

Taking initiative comes naturally to Toffoli. No one has done more batting practice. That swing is good for hat tricks and home runs.

Tweet from @LAKings: .@tytoff16's got a mean swing. �������� Taken during #Dodgers/#LAKings night!

 Tweet from @tytoff16: @trevorlewis22 @13KCliffy @nabber03 way to ruin my moment ��

Encouraging celebrities and other athletes to participate in community events is a piece of cake for him, too.

All that networking is paying off in spades for Toffoli as he expands his circle of celeb pals. Sports stars are just the tip of this iceberg.

Tweet from @ArsenioHall: Yo' Dawg ( @tytoff16 ), I kissed the cup and whispered to it ... "Tyler and 'nem, are coming for you"! �� #kings


Do his new funny new friends foreshadow a foray into yet another career? Comedy might be up next. Keep an eye on LA's standup scene.

It's not all Rihanna-style work, work, work, work, work. Toffoli still has time to enjoy the perks of the job, like showing his dad a good Father's Day at the stadium...

…or having his in-season dad come in and coach him on the finer points of his batting form.

Tweet from @tytoff16: Batting lessons with @JeffCarter_77

Clearly Toffoli's doing whatever it takes to make his mark on LA in as many ways as possible. It's probably safe to say he'll get hired for a salaried position when he's done working for college credit. By then, they might finally even learn his real name.

Tweet from @AbbeyMastracco: The Dodgers host just called Tyler Toffoli "Taylor"

The Dodgers are making a splash so far this postseason. There's no evidence that Toffoli didn't help get them there. He's been a constant over their last couple years, showing up for the MLB with as much enthusiasm as he gives to the Kings.

Just don't ask him about any teams outside of Southern California. 

Tweet from @amartinez_27: That awkward moment when @tytoff16 asks Mark McGwire if he's ever been to Busch Stadium #GoDodgers #��

He's still working on that.

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