Head Coach Ryan Huska on facing the division-leading Canucks on Tuesday:

“You still want to put your best effort on the ice and I think when you're playing against a top team in our division right now that still has something on the line, we know what type of game we'll get from them - and it gives us an opportunity to see some younger players against some of the best players, you could (say). There will be lineup changes for us tomorrow night, and then from there, it's just a matter of working and playing a smart road game.”

On Mikael Backlund (and others) being on pace to play all 82 games this year:

“You don't play or try to play every game without playing through things. ... Mikael's in probably the best shape of anybody on our team. And nowadays, everybody's in shape - it's not like it maybe used to be. He is the leader in that department and there's a reason why he's able to keep himself in a position he can play all the games. We have other guys this year, too. MacKenzie (Weegar), I believe; Naz (Kadri), I believe; and Sharan (Yegor Sharangovich). So, we have some guys that have done a good job of playing through things and finding a way to make sure they take care of themselves away from the rink.”

On the significance of playing in every game

“It's not an easy thing to do. When you think about the travel... Like, this is a stretch - I think it's six games in 10 nights for us - with travel. It's not easy on the players because you're not getting the proper rest that you'd like to have to get yourself where you want to be at, and then they have to be at the highest level against the top players.”

On individual milestones within reach:

Kadri and Blake Coleman are one away from 30 goals; Weegar is one away from 20

“They matter. At the end of the day, you want it to always be about a team game, but at the same time, there are things - like getting 30 goals or 20 for a defenceman - that matter and teammates know that, too. There's situations where, if they can, they're going to do everything they can to try and help those guys score that goal. As much as it is about team, those milestones are important, because it solidifies the type of season that certain individuals have had for us.”

On Coleman’s injury status:

“Not for tomorrow, but we've got our fingers crossed for our final one.”

"You still want to put your best effort on the ice"

Jacob Markstrom on possibly starting against his former team on Tuesday:

“I get fired up every time you play a hockey game. Doesn't really matter who it is (against) and motivation-wise, it's obviously a privilege to play in this league in front of thousands of fans and people watching at home. So, I don't necessarily need to search or find more things to be fired about. It's a privilege and I'm fired up every time I play a game.”

On what he’s seen from the Flames, having won three of their last four:

“I think what I like with this group, too, it hasn't changed, even if the stakes aren't the same (and we aren't) competing for a playoff spot. The sacrifices have stayed the same and guys are blocking shots. You've got to play this game a certain way and everybody's bought into that and try to do whatever it takes and that little extra to get away from the games with two points.”

"Everybody is competitive"

Adam Klapka on being recalled, and what he learned on his last big-league stint:

“It really showed me that it's much more steps up than (the AHL). When I went back down, I worked on my stuff that I thought I didn't do well up here. I hope that I proved it and it's going to be better this time.”

On what the coaching staff told him to work on with the Wranglers:

“Just play the simple game, don't try to make hard plays for me, because it's only the first couple games and you just have to play simple. Just chip the puck and be physical. That's the main thing to do here.”

"Just play the simple game"