Andrei Kuzmenko on feeling comfortable in Calgary:

"I understand what I need, how I need to work in gym, how I need to (eat), there’s a lot of moments and how I need to believe in myself. A lot of changes, a difficult start in Calgary but now I understand. Good guys, good coaching staff (helping) me in all moments, and work on (the) ice."

On taking this season as a learning lesson:

"I understand how I can work, but this season I have a lot of mistakes in how to prepare for games. If I talk, it’s maybe 45 minutes, this interview. A lot of moments, yes. But now, I have a great group, my line, my team, very big support and I am happy (for) this support, I can help the results."

Nazem Kadri on his recent scoring run:

"Luckily, you know, got hot. I’ve proved I can get there before, so I can never sell myself short but my linemates are playing great, my teammates are setting me up with chances and I’ve been able to capitalize on them. It’s fun to score."

On what he sees from Kuzmenko of late:

"I think it’s just that kind of rejuvenation feeling. Obviously, coming to a new team, trying to prove some doubters, that chip on your shoulder can be motivating for some players. Playing with me, I just try to get a read off him, he definitely likes to chat; he likes to communicate and draw up some plays, so just trying to read off each other, and if he continues to do those little things that have gotten him into these situations, we’ll continue to have success."

Connor Zary on the 6-5 win over the Coyotes:

"It’s definitely something that we don’t love to do, kinda go back and forth. Obviously, it wasn’t our best but to come out in the third and gather ourselves, take control a little bit, find that lead and stick with it was good for us. Good to come over that adversity, like I said it wasn’t our best, but to finish that way is always nice."

On how he's feeling about his game:

"I feel good. I think we’ve had a bit of a hectic schedule here, with the back-to-back, then coming home to play this game. I feel good about my game, I feel like I’m back; I had a little bit of a lull there, with coming back from injury and trying to find my game, but I feel good in the middle now, and starting to feel good about myself and my game again."

"Starting to feel good about myself and my game"

Ryan Huska on the win over Arizona:

"It was what it was, is what I’ll say. I don’t think it was a great game for us, but we found a way to win in the end. At the end of the day, it’s important that the guys continue to try to do that as we move forward here, but it was sloppy, and I would probably say that both ways."

On Kuzmenko's recent run of form:

"He’s got a skill set that we don’t have, we know that. When he’s feeling good about his game, he wants the puck on his stick and he can make things happen with it. I hope it’s seeing some things that we’re going to see in the future - consistently - from him, I mean at this time of the year, sometimes it’s hard to tell because the games are a little bit different, for us, in the situation that we’re in. He looks much more comfortable on the ice right now, so if this is what a comfortable Kuzy looks like, we’ll take that for sure."

"He’s got a skill-set that we don’t have"