MacKenzie Weegar on his team's three powerplay goals:

"It’s big, it’s something that we’ve obviously worked on all year long. It hasn’t been easy for us, but I think in the last few games here, we’ve found some chemistry out there, guys are starting to make plays, finding guys and shooting the puck a little bit more and giving us some momentum."

On his group's defensive effort:

"Our goal is not to let any goals in, our goal is to break the puck out easy and then play offensively; I thought for the most part that second period, I dunno I think what did they have, one shot on goal, towards the end I think they got a couple with the powerplay. Just a great job blocking shots, taking a hit to get the puck out; that’s what it takes to win in this league, sometimes it hurts."

"That’s what it takes to win in this league"

Rasmus Andersson on the victory over the Kings:

"5-on-5, I don’t think we really gave ‘em anything. A lot of shot blocks, paying the price, scored a few goals on the powerplay; there was a lot to like about our game. I dunno how many shots they had through two periods, but it wasn’t many. There was a lot to like from our team tonight."

On the team's ability to stick together:

"You love playing on a team, you’re in it together. Some nights you can be the hero, some nights you’re the villain, that’s just the way it is. You always have your teammates’ backs, that’s the one thing I love about our team, too: it doesn’t matter who you are, we all try to get in the lane, blocking shots, standing up for each other. We all know what situation we’re in, it’s going to take a miracle to get in the playoffs, but we still show up on a night like tonight; we block shots, we hit, we play a physical game, we’re all over a really good team for 60 minutes. It was one of those nights when you look around and you’re proud to be on this team."

"You love playing on a team, you’re in it together"

Ryan Huska on his team's powerplay:

"It was the difference in the game. I thought they did a really good job, the one unit, two face-off goals off face-off wins, which is a really big thing, and the other unit shot the puck. It’s a good thing, so they should feel good about themselves tonight when they leave the rink."

On the defensive structure:

"I loved it tonight, I thought we did a really good job. I think for us, it’s more about the pressure up the ice that allows us to have some success, then I thought our guys were very detailed in the neutral zone. So they did a good job with our structure, and made it hard for them to get through us, and then when they did in the third period a little bit, I thought Marky was excellent."

"I loved it tonight"