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Ask Gerv! No. 11

Canadiens equipment manager Pierre Gervais answers fan questions

by Pierre Gervais as told to Joanie Godin @canadiensmtl /

Every week, Canadiens equipment manager Pierre Gervais answers fan questions submitted through social media. Here's the latest edition of Ask Gerv!

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1. Question from Pierre-Olivier Carle, via Facebook.

How do things work when it comes to preparing and transporting the players' equipment for road trips?

We take care of all the crates for road trips. When the players get out of practice or after a game, if we're leaving right away, their bags will be open in front of their stalls and they'll throw everything in. We just have to make sure everything is there and we bring it. We have a truck that comes to pick up all the equipment and takes it straight to the plane. In every city we visit, a truck will come pick us up when we arrive and we offer the same service to the visiting teams in Montreal. We know their arrival times, so the truck gets there to greet them, goes through customs, and brings everything to the arena. It's always the same guys that do it, we know them. Here, it's Pierre Brebart who does it for the Canadiens, it's been a family business for years. Sometimes, when we leave after a game in Montreal, the truck comes to get some equipment at Brossard, like the coaches' things, the crates for the road, medical supplies, equipment, jerseys and all that before coming to the Bell Centre. Then, he'll pick up the rest and get to the airport as quickly as possible. We have about 70-75 pieces in total and about a dozen crates, including the medical one.

2. Question from Mario, via Twitter.

What would you like to change for next season?

Asides from the fact that the jerseys are now Adidas instead of Reebok, nothing is changing. We don't anticipate making any changes for the sake of it.

3. Question from Jean-Claude Lacroix, via Facebook.

Which player have you developed the best personal relationship with throughout the years?

There have been a lot, but Joe Juneau and I are still very good friends. We go on fishing trips together every summer. He'll either come visit me or I'll go see him, we've stayed in touch and we're very close. He's really down to earth, easygoing, very intelligent and I really like that. We get along really well. We go on fishing trips with his plane, leaving from his chalet.

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