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Timeline: Binnington's Day with the Stanley Cup

Blues goalie visits grandparents, police, hockey rink and surprises diehard fan

by Chris Pinkert / St. Louis Blues

Just outside of Toronto, there's a sign that reads:

City of Richmond Hill
Population 208,000
Home of Stanley Cup Champion Jordan Binnington

With the Stanley Cup in his hands Friday, the Blues' goaltender walked up to the sign, pointed at his name, and said "that's me, baby!"

Indeed it is.

Friday was Binnington's day with the Stanley Cup to do whatever he wished, and his schedule was packed from the very beginning.

Tweet from @StLouisBlues: Welcome to Richmond Hill, home of #StanleyCup Champion @binnnasty.


9 a.m. ET
Grandma's House

Binnington starts his day by having the Stanley Cup delivered to grandma's house. He's waiting outside the driveway when the vehicle containing the trophy pulls up. Anxiously, he opens the trunk and takes it out, lifting it over his head for the first of many times that day.

He carries the trophy through grandma's house and out to the backyard, which is practically the seventh green of a golf course. There he poses with friends and family not far from the pin. About 100 yards away, perplexed golfers wonder why so many people are standing where they will be soon be trying to putt.

"Don't worry," Grandma Binnington says. "They've all been informed. They can wait."

Instagram from @stlouisblues: ‪Meet Joanne, Jordan Binnington's grandma. Yesterday she won a championship trophy at Beacon Hall Golf Course. ‬Jordan says he's not the only Winnington in the family. #stlblues #StanleyCup ‬


10 a.m. ET
Richmond Green Sports Centre & Park

The bus containing Binnington's mom, dad, sister and closest buddies from childhood pulls up at Richmond Green Sports Centre & Park.

"Oh man, look at all those people," Binnington says as he looks out the window at the fans waiting to catch a glimpse of the Stanley Cup. "We're gonna need more than an hour here."

Binnington steps off the bus to meet Dave Barrow, the Mayor of Richmond Hill. Barrow explains that there will be a short parade up to the stage, where Binnington will be recognized and will give a speech.

Usually after games, Binnington doesn't say a whole lot. Keeps things short, succinct and to the point.

Such as - Do I look nervous?!

Here at Richmond Hill, though, he gives a passionate speech about sticking with it, how life can be hard and sometimes you get overlooked or have to wait a long time to get your chance. But eventually the chance will come, and maybe it will be worth it when it does.

Before he leaves, Binnington is presented with the keys to the city, becoming just the second athlete in Richmond Hill to receive the honor behind figure skater Elvis Stojko.

Tweet from @StLouisBlues: When they give you your own parade and a key to the city. #stlblues #StanleyCup


11:15 a.m. ET
The Sports Village

Binnington's bus shows up to The Sports Village, which houses a few hockey rinks for the town of Concord, Ontario. Binnington played a handful of games here for the Vaughan Kings. They don't play at this rink anymore, but it was important for him to make sure youth hockey players in the area still got their chance to get a photo with the Stanley Cup.

"Just being here feels right," he says.


12:15 p.m. ET
Grandpa's House

Binnington's grandpa on his mom's side lives by himself in Thornhill, Ontario. When the Stanley Cup shows up in his driveaway, he barely knows what to say.

You see, he was there when the Toronto Maple Leafs last won the Stanley Cup in 1967, so he knows seeing the Cup in these parts is rare.

But now, here it was, right in the middle of his driveway.

He walks out in a Blues hockey T-shirt and a Blues' Stanley Cup Champions locker room hat.

The Blues are his team now.

Instagram from @stlouisblues: Have a sip from the Cup, grandpa. #stlblues #StanleyCup


1:30 p.m. ET
David Duncan House

After a handful of public stops and visits with grandparents, it's time to slow it down a bit to have lunch.

Binnington arrives with the Stanley Cup at David Duncan House, a steak and seafood place in North York, Ontario. There's a band, an amazing ice sculpture and an invite-only guest list of family, friends and friends of friends.

Tweet from @StLouisBlues: Jordan Binnington is good at a lot of things, including stopping pucks and making grand entrances. #stlblues #StanleyCup

Then there's Kevin - probably Binnington's biggest fan in the Toronto area. Kevin's mom works with someone who knows the Blues' goalie, so he made a birthday card for Binnington and asked his mom to pass it along.

Except, Kevin's mom never brought it to work. She kept it so that Kevin could personally give the card to Binnington on Friday.

"He's here?!!!" Kevin says, amazed.

Yes, he's here. And he's got the Stanley Cup!

"Give me a hug," Binnington says. "Good to see you - great to meet you!"

Video: Kevin meets his hockey hero


4 p.m. ET
Mom's House

This is a short visit. He doesn't need to go see mom because she's been on the bus all day with him, but it's important to get a picture with her two dogs.

Of course, some neighbors stop by too as soon as they see the Stanley Cup on the front porch.

After a few pictures, it's time for the last stop of the day.


4:45 p.m. ET
Toronto Police Service Headquarters

In a big city like Toronto, Binnington's bus required a police escort to get him from place to place, parade to parade, grandparent's house to grandparent's house.

So as a thank you, Binnington drops by the police station to give some of Toronto's finest a chance to get a picture with the Cup.

"They were kind enough to escort us around all day and really cut down on travel time and allow us to hit all our spots," Binnington said. "Obviously Toronto's a very safe-feeling city, and they do a tremendous job in keeping the city safe and making us feel safe, so I think it was important to bring it by and show some love."

Tweet from @StLouisBlues: To say thanks for helping him make it to all his stops today, @binnnasty brought the #StanleyCup to the Toronto Police Service Headquarters this afternoon. #stlblues


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