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Legacy Ice Foundation exploring new site for planned St. Louis Ice Center

by St. Louis Legacy Ice Foundation / Press Release

ST. LOUIS - The St. Louis Legacy Ice Foundation announced today it is now exploring a Maryland Heights location for the St. Louis Ice Center, thereby bringing closure to the original plan for the complex at Creve Coeur Lake Park.

Representatives from the Legacy Ice Foundation and St. Louis Blues today met with and personally thanked St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger and his staff for their vision and commitment to the Creve Coeur Lake Park project, noting that uncertainty due to delays by the National Park Service - coupled with the urgent need for additional ice to answer the demand throughout the St. Louis region - necessitated exploring an alternate, yet very attractive, site in Maryland Heights.

"Our experiences with the National Park Service and the associated delays remain disappointing, but the good news is we have another spectacular site in Maryland Heights here in St. Louis County," said Patrick Quinn, President of the St. Louis Legacy Ice Foundation. "We look forward to building a complex that we need and deserve. The location changes, but our vision remains the same."

"County Executive Stenger and his staff were superb partners through this entire process and we appreciate their understanding of our need to keep this project on track and on pace," added Chris Zimmerman, CEO and President of the St. Louis Blues. "Today's news represents a continuation of our commitment to support youth and amateur ice sports in the St. Louis region, and we are optimistic that it will be located in Maryland Heights, still in St. Louis County, where it can best serve our region. It's good news all around."

Stenger noted that all commitments to improving the former Creve Coeur Park site are being honored and stated his continued commitment of support for the facility.

"Exploring a new location in Maryland Heights has my complete support, as do the people from the Legacy Ice Foundation and the St. Louis Blues who first brought us the opportunity to imagine what might be possible at the Creve Coeur Lake Park location," Stenger said. "There would only be regret if the project were not to happen at all. But it appears that will not be the case. Be assured that I will offer any assistance I can as we see this project transition from paper to reality."

The four-sheet, regional recreation center will be the home for a wide variety of ice sports, amateur and college ice hockey uses, youth tournaments and the practice facility for the St. Louis Blues. The development effort on behalf of the Ice Center will be led by Summit Development.

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