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5 Questions: Get to know Devin Shore

Forward acquired at the trade deadline talks Letterkenny, his dog and more

by Jeff Svoboda @JacketsInsider /

The Blue Jackets made a move to bolster their depth at the trade deadline, bringing in Devin Shore in a deal with Anaheim. 

So far, he has a goal in his four games with the team and could have an assist after setting up an Emil Bemstrom goal in Minnesota. The Ajax, Ontario, native -- who is not related to any of the other Shores in hockey -- is in his fifth NHL season with his third team after previously playing for Dallas and Anaheim. 

He played three years of college hockey at the University of Maine -- just like teammate Gus Nyquist, head coach John Tortorella and the father of Oliver Bjorkstrand, Todd -- before entering the league. 

So what should CBJ fans know about Shore? Here's a look at his life beyond hockey with this edition of 5 Questions. 

1. Did you know all the Maine ties in the organization when you were traded here? 

Shore: "I know Gus. I know Torts. I think those are the only ones I know." 

There's a very random one -- Bjorky's dad played there with Torts. 

"Oh, no way. You know what, I actually did know that. I heard it once I think in passing. Now that you say it, I definitely remember it. That definitely rings a bell." 

That's obviously a storied program. What was it like to be there for a couple of years? 

"It was great. It was a lot of fun. It feels like I developed a lot there. Some of my best friends to this day are my classmates there, and it was a really fun arena to play in with the atmosphere there. The student section I think is one of the best in the country. There were a lot of good memories there." 

Alfond Arena looks like a great barn. 

"It's old, but it's awesome. It has a lot of character. It's very unique looking with the roof. It kind of looks like a carnival tent almost, and then with the balcony overhanging the away goalie, it's pretty cool." 

You went back and got your degree after leaving, didn't you? 

"I did it online, yeah. I chipped away at it. I just got it this past November. It's a nice sense of accomplishment. It's nice to finish what you started. You work pretty hard there, balancing hockey and school, so you don't want to see those three years of hard work go to waste." 

2. I've never watched Letterkenny, but I know there's a Shoresy on the show. Have you ever seen it? 

"I've seen the show, yeah. I'm not crazy up to date, but Shoresy has always been my nickname even before that show. That's the standard hockey nickname -- you add an -ey or an -er or an 's' to the end of the guy's last name or shorten it up and it seems to work." 

Shoresy is a great hockey nickname. 

"For sure. I don't say it much, but I would like to think it rolls off the tongue for others." 

You're nothing like the TV Shoresy though, right? 

"Ha. I don't think you ever see his character. He's a guy who's always chirping in the background. He's a little different. I don't think I'm much like the character on the show." 

3. You and your fiancée, Maggie, have a dog, correct? 

"We have a year-old puppy, a labradoodle. I've always been a dog guy. We had one growing up, and we got her last April. We're really happy with that decision because she brings a lot of joy to our lives." 

Has the family had a chance to come to Columbus yet after the trade? 

"She's back at home in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where she's from. She's visiting some family while we're on this road trip. She's going to come down to Columbus after the road trip." 

That will be nice. The hardest part about being traded has to be the family impact, right? 

"For sure. She's been awesome. It's a crazy whirlwind not just for me but for my fiancée as well, but she's been great through the whole thing and helping get things organized and packed up. A lot of times it's almost easier for me because I get to get in and meet the guys in the dressing room right away and play games, but she has to pack up and move her whole life, right? So she's been great with that. It'll be good to have her home when we get back from the road trip." 

4. What do you do in the offseason once you get away? 

"Just train, golf, I fish a little bit. My brother is a huge fisherman so I'll go out with him on the lake and we'll try to catch some fish. I play beer league baseball once a week. Other than that, just kind of hang out with friends, relax. I'm getting married this summer, so that is a big thing on the list, but other than that, just train Monday through Friday and relax and hang out with buddies on the weekends. It's nothing too crazy. We like to travel, but as far as the everyday summer routine, it's nothing fancy." 

You do mention beer league baseball in your Instagram bio, so that seems like a good time.  

"It's fun. I play first base. I never played growing up, but I've always loved baseball. I play lacrosse in the summers, but I'm a huge Blue Jays fan and I've always loved baseball, so it's fun to get out and play with your friends." 

5. It's funny, but one of the questions I always ask as part of this is you're a pro athlete, but is there a sport you're just terrible at? You golf and play baseball and lacrosse, but is there a sport you're not good at? 

"I'm not a great soccer player. I can get around. I think most of us as athletes, there's the odd one that is completely dialed into one sport and maybe isn't as good at other sports, but I think in general most of us can get around the field and play. But I wouldn't say I'm good by any means. I enjoy playing lacrosse. I was on some pretty good teams, some pretty successful teams growing up, so that was good, but other than that I just try to do my best." 

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