To celebrate Black Excellence, the Colorado Avalanche partnered with Jazz Holmes, a Black artist based in Denver, to design a jersey that displays Black Excellence and specifically Black Excellence in hockey.  

“There are many young black folks out there that feel like they have no place in sports like this. They are actively telling themselves that they don’t belong, so they end up not participating at all,” Jazz noted.

She continued, “This project is important for me as I want them to know that people who look like them have been playing with amazing teams like the Avalanche for years! Teams all over North America in fact. They can do whatever they put their minds to, just like everyone else.”


During the creation of the jersey, Jazz had the opportunity to learn more about the sport and its Black trailblazers. “I’ve never felt like I had a chance to actually feel included in ice hockey as a black woman. But this project has opened my eyes to the wide history of Black players in the NHL,” Homes said.

The back of her jersey displays a portrait on Jerome Iginla, who played with the Avalanche from 2014 – 2017 and was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2020. “Jerome Iginla’s story and excellence within the league was especially inspiring and I wanted to highlight him,” she continued.


Jazz Holmes is a professional artist who creates figurative artworks though a variety of media. Her work often showcases brightly colored figures, adorned with aspects of southern Black culture. They are often seen interacting with lush, natural settings based in the Southern United States. She received her BFA in Studio Art from the University of West Florida, and her MFA in Drawing from Colorado State University. 

Jazz grew up in the south, surrounded by artists of different fields, including chefs, musicians, illustrators and even game designers. Her grandmother, the matriarch of her family, was described as an artist in the kitchen. This allowed Jazz to develop a deep tie to a deep tie to food, cultivation and creativity and allowed her to use mixed media to showcase the endless bounds of creativity. 

You can follow Jazz on Instagram @MetaphoricalMuse