Thanks to the passion and dedication of Avs Faithful, Season Ticket Memberships for the 2024-25 season have reached capacity. We are excited to offer The A List membership for fans who want to take the first step towards becoming a Colorado Avalanche Season Ticket Member. The A List membership provides exclusive member benefits and first access to season memberships as they become available.


If you already have a membership with the Avalanche (full, half, or partial), you do not need to join The A List waitlist, as you will already receive ticket priority as a benefit of your current membership.


To join The A List click on one of the graphics below for your preferred seating experience.



Priority access to purchase new Season Ticket Memberships as they become available Access to presale opportunities for Avalanche regular season games Dedicated Membership Sales Executive


FAQs - The A List Membership

What are the requirements to join The A List and how many seats can I place a deposit for?

A one-time non-refundable seat deposit of either $800 or $200 per seat, for a maximum of (4) seats is required. The applicable seat deposit will be based on seat location.

Why do I have to pay to become a member of The A List?

The seat deposit is required to secure your place in line to purchase a Season Ticket Membership when one becomes available. The A List members are given priority to purchase Season Ticket Memberships. This is a one-time deposit that continues to roll over each year until you are offered a Full Season Membership.

What is my seat deposit applied towards?

The initial seat deposit will be kept on your account as a deposit to secure your priority number. Once a Season Ticket Membership becomes available, the seat deposit will be credited toward the cost of your membership.

If I am a current Season Ticket, Half Season or Partial Member do I need to place a seat deposit for The A List to purchase additional seats?

Existing Members will be provided with an opportunity to add on and upgrade seats separate from The A List and will be given priority as Full Season Memberships become available based on their current priority number.

What happens if I decide I no longer want a full season membership?

You can ask to be taken off The A List at any time, but your seat deposit is non-refundable. Your seat deposit can be applied to a smaller membership based upon availability or toward the purchase of Colorado Avalanche regular season single game tickets.

What happens if I lose my job or move?

In cases of job loss, relocation, deployment, and/or serious illness, the Colorado Avalanche reserves the right to refund seat deposits (with reasonable evidence of the same). Any refund issued is at the sole discretion of the Colorado Avalanche.

Can I transfer my The A List membership to someone else?

Your priority number is transferable to immediate family members only. Written notice of this change and approval by the Colorado Avalanche is required for a transfer to be effective.

If I am offered a fewer number of seats than my deposit number, do I have to take them?

If we do not offer you the number of seats equal to your seat deposit amount you do not have to accept them and your priority for future seats will not be affected.

What happens if I do not want the location that is offered to me?

If you do not want the full season seats that are offered to you within your seat deposit location, then you can (i) choose to be removed from The A List or (ii) move to the end of The A List. If you choose to be removed from the list your seat deposit will need to be used on a smaller membership or toward regular season home game tickets, based upon availability.

What if I want to purchase more seats than I have deposits?

If you decide you want to add additional seats, you can contact your Avalanche Account Executive to add additional seat deposit(s). You will not be able to exceed four (4) seats. When a Season Ticket Membership becomes available, you will only be able to purchase the number of seats for which you have deposits on file.

How do I know how close I am to selecting seats?

Your Avalanche Account Executive will reach out when it is close to your time to pick seats. Make sure to keep your contact information up-to-date in your KSE Account Manager. If you need help changing your contact information, please reach out to your Avalanche Account Executive.

If I am only interested in Half Season or Partial Season ticket packages, should I place a deposit on The A List?

Yes, you will receive higher priority to select smaller memberships by placing a deposit for The A List.

Am I able to join The A List if I live outside of Colorado?

Due to high demand and a limited number of Season Ticket Memberships, the Colorado Avalanche reserves the right to limit The A List memberships to buyers with a permanent address in Colorado, Wyoming or New Mexico.

The A List Terms + Conditions