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Taylor Makar is participating in his third development camp with the Avalanche organization since being selected in the seventh round of the 2021 NHL Draft.

The forward is the younger brother of Cale Makar, who has established himself as one of the NHL’s best defensemen since entering the league in 2019. 

“It’s pretty cool,” Taylor said when talking about being in the same organization as his older brother. “Obviously having that time with my brother, learning lots of tips and tricks, meeting people early, getting to know a lot of the staff, training, and stuff like that. I’d say in that manner, it really helps and it’s cool that he’s here before and can show me some of the ways.”

Playing the last three seasons collegiately at U-Mass Amherst, Makar said he and his brother stay in touch during their busy seasons. 

So usually, every Sunday we try and FaceTime each other,” Taylor said. "It’ll be a long one and he’ll catch up on my games and, you know, give me tips. And then I pretty much watch his games every single night that they’re on, so try to learn a lot of stuff, and we always communicate that way.”

However, this season, Makar will be donning a new sweater, as he transferred to the University of Maine ahead of the upcoming season and is looking forward to the next chapter of his career.

“Just a different setting,” Taylor said. “The coaching staff I know is amazing there. Lots of talks with them. I’ve been having a great amount of communication, and just really excited to meet all the guys and hopefully we can get a championship team going.”

Going back to their younger days in the Makar household, there was no lack of competition. 

“We went to the same elementary school,” Taylor said. “And then pretty much every day after school, we’d come home, make our microwave plate of nachos, and head out to the front yard where we’d play a fun game of pass and it'd end up with someone getting beat up or someone crying in the front lawn. So that’s usually how it’d go.”

When asked which brother would be the one crying, Taylor responded, “Cale. He was a crier, for sure.”