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#TBT: Sidney Crosby shoots pucks at dryer on 'Tonight Show'

Penguins captain used to do the same in his parents' basement @NHL

Don't let Sidney Crosby near your home appliances.

When he was a preteen, the Pittsburgh Penguins captain didn't treat his mother's dryer very nicely, leaving countless dents and black marks on the poor, unsuspecting machine.

The story of the beat-up dryer became even more famous in a segment on "The Tonight Show," later featured on this episode of "NHL All Access."

Watch: Youtube Video

Jay Leno had Crosby, who had just been picked No. 1 overall in the 2005 NHL Draft, shoot pucks into an open machine.

Crosby took five attempts (actor Rob Schneider, who was also a guest on the show, rattled the dryer a little after the first two attempts went wide) to score one through the opening, although his third shot did put a hole in the back side of door, which kind of counts.

Even though that segement would lead a viewer to believe that Crosby honed his shooting technique shooting at the dryer in his childhood home, he clairified the story behind his mildly destructive habit a few years ago in USA Today. He said he was shooting at a net in the basement and the dryer was behind the goal, so all those dents were the product of his missed attempts.

He also said his mother didn't put a stop to the puck smashing the machine simply because the thing took a licking and kept on ticking.

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