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Malkin sharpens Kessel's skates so Penguins teammate can 'fly'

Instagram video shows forward working hard to give his buddy an edge @NHL

That blur on the PPG Paints Arena ice on Saturday? That will be Pittsburgh Penguins forward Phil Kessel. Evgeni Malkin has made sure of it.

In an Instagram post on Friday, Malkin shared a video of him sharpening what he says are Kessel's skates with extra attentiveness. Malkin says the custom job is so Kessel can "fly tomorrow."

Instagram from @e.malkin71geno: @phil_kessel_81_ will fly tomorrow

After running the skate through the machine once, Malkin insists on going for two more in order to give his teammate an edge.

The Pittsburgh Penguins teammates do have a history of messing with each other to entertaining results, but Malkin's efforts here seem as sincere as can be.

The Penguins play the Chicago Blackhawks on Saturday night. That's when we will all find out if Malkin is allowed near Kessel's skates again.

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