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Determined Devils fan, 12, tops Severson in Rock-Paper-Scissors for stick

Madison Surdahl lost first round but came back for big win next game

by Dan O'Leary @DanOLeary25 / Staff Writer

A young New Jersey Devils fan wasn't just given a souvenir stick, she earned it.

Madison Surdahl, a 12-year-old whose favorite player is Devils defenseman Damon Severson, had an idea to get his attention.

She brought a sign to the game against the Boston Bruins on Thursday asking if Severson would play a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors for the right to win his stick.

Madison lost but, as a consolation prize, Severson flipped her a puck.

However, she wasn't about to give up so easily.

The season ticket holders, Madison, her mom Brenna, and Brenna's boyfriend, Chris Farley, made the 80-minute drive from East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, to Saturday's game against the Arizona Coyotes. Madison packed a sign asking Severson for a rematch.

Severson agreed and skated over to the glass.

"The first time (on Thursday) I just kept throwing rock. I was so shocked that he actually came over to play with me," Madison, a seventh grader at Pocono Mountain East Junior High told "In Round 2 (Saturday), I won. I trusted him. I knew if he saw us he would come back over to play again."

For her efforts, Severson surrendered the stick and tweeted his congratulations at Farley after the game.

Tweet from @dseves7: I knew I must���ve gotten lucky on Thursday! She earned it today. Glad I was able to make her smile with that stick!

While Madison isn't a hockey player -- she is a jazz dance student at K and K Dancin Dreamzzz -- she will never give up that stick.

"I've always liked the Devils. Number 28 is my lucky number, so he's my lucky player," she said.

Madison couldn't let it stand all tied up, so she challenged Severson to one more round before Monday night's game against the Buffalo Sabres. And she won. This time the prize was a selfie with her lucky player.

Tweet from @chris25784963:

"We went to a signing (Sunday) where Kurtis Gabriel and Kevin Rooney were there. We were talking with other fans in line and when they heard the story they said 'Oh, you're the Rock-Paper-Scissors girl.' It was a lot of fun," Farley said. "Just for (Severson) to acknowledge her like that in the first place, it was special."

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