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Lightning's Ben Bishop loses teeth, stays in game

Goalie gets assist from Brian Boyle finding chompers after puck to mask @NHLdotcom

Bishop sacrifices teeth for save

TBL@TOR: Bishop makes save, loses a few teeth

Ben Bishop stops Peter Holland's wrist shot from the right circle with his mask and loses some teeth in the process, but stays in the game

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Don't worry about Ben Bishop, he's a hockey player.

The Tampa Bay Lightning goalie made a save on Maple Leafs center Peter Holland on Tuesday night, but it cost him a couple of teeth.

Bishop was hit square in the mask by the deflected puck and went down. After popping back up and collecting his items from the ice with the assistance of teammate Brian Boyle, Bishop, incredibly, stayed in the game.

"It wasn't really super painful or anything like that," Bishop said. "These guys in front of me lose teeth all the time, so I guess I just wanted to be like them."

Head coach Jon Cooper was surprised by the result of the play.

"I just thought he took it off the head and then our trainer came to the bench and he opened his mask. I couldn't believe how big Ben's teeth really are," Lightning coach Jon Cooper said. "I guess the vibration (of the shot) knocked his teeth loose. Apparently they were fake anyway so... I guess there's a really good picture of his teeth embedded somewhere."

Bishop remained unconcerned after the game.

"I don't know exactly what happened but I just felt both my teeth pop out. It's throbbing a bit but we'll take care of that," he said.

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