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Beyonce, mascots, Markstrom's tribute to friend star on Skills red carpet

Players weren't the only ones bringing their best looks for NHL's special weekend

by Cristina Ledra @cledra / Staff Writer

ST. LOUIS -- Before the NHL's All-Stars even had a chance to show off any of their custom, clean looks on Friday, three women's hockey stars set the red carpet ablaze with some of the most coveted outfits in the world.

Sarah Nurse, Rebecca Johnston and Renata Fast came dressed to impress for the 2020 NHL All-Star Skills presented by New Amsterdam Vodka in selections from the Ivy Park x Adidas collection by Beyonce Knowles-Carter, which was released on Jan. 18 and sold out online within two days. 

The much-anticipated streetwear capsule collection had a viral social media campaign that included celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon, Zendaya, Ellen DeGeneres, Cardi B, Laverne Cox, Missy Elliott, Hailey Bieber, Diplo, Janelle Monae, Kendall Jenner and Yara Shahidi, among others, receiving and opening enormous packages with a few of the limited pieces, then modeling them.

Nurse, Johnston and Fast didn't receive their outfits quite so ceremoniously, but the hookup was appreciated nonetheless by the three athletes who are signed with Adidas.

"On Tuesday they were like, 'Hey we have an opportunity for you to wear Beyonce's Ivy Park line on the red carpet, would you guys be interested?'" Fast said. "And we said,'Yeah definitely.' So yeah, we're pretty excited to be rocking Beyonce's stuff."

Nurse wore the snap track pants with matching jacket, Johnston wore the asymmetrical dress, and Fast wore the bodysuit and cargo skirt. 

Not to be outdone, the NHL's mascots showed up in a variety of formal and sort of formal looks, including tuxedos, suits and a tailcoat jacket.

As for the men, some went into their closets, while others got suits special for the occasion with personal touches.

Vancouver Canucks goalie Jacob Marsktrom wore a black tuxedo with the pant stripes and lapels in an iridescent material. He wore the tux as a tribute to his friend, Taiwanese Canadian actor and model Godfrey Gao, who died on Nov. 27 of a heart attack at age 35. 

Tweet from @Canucks: Marky���s suit is on another level 💯🔥

Gaoco-founded a clothing company called YOYUU in 2015 and launched a line in 2019.

"He passed a month ago. It's super sad. Way too early," Markstrom said. "But I really wanted to honor him and wear this suit. It's a different material (on the lapels). When you have the flash to take photos, it changes colors, so I figured no one else would be wearing something like this here, so why not go big once you're here?"

Buffalo Sabres forward Jack Eichel wore a three-piece chestnut brown corduroy suit with a double-breasted vest that he said he liked for the color and heavier material, which was a good fit for the cooler temperatures. 

"It's my first time using this material for a suit and when I came across the inspiration, Jack was the first client I showed it to," said Tom Marchitelli of Gentleman's Playbook. "Few wear a three-piece better than him and he likes to push the envelope when it comes to style and wear things that haven't been done before."

Ottawa Senators forward Anthony Duclair wore a burgundy tuxedo made by longtime friend Hugh Jean Claude, paired with white sneakers.

"He's been making my suits since I was a kid," Duclair said. "I wanted a little burgundy, maybe a little Ottawa Senators colors in there, a little white, a little black."

Winnipeg Jets goalie Connor Hellebuyck wore a shimmering black and gold suit.

"I've had this for a while and I've been dying to use it again, so this was a good opportunity" Hellebuyck said. "I like to be a little flashy sometimes but I'm more simple than flashy, I'd say."

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