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Short Shifts

Matthews signals his own goal following one that was disallowed

Maple Leafs forward makes the call almost in unison with referee @NHLdotcom

Matthews' retaliation goal

COL@TOR: Matthews scores after having goal disallowed

After having a goal disallowed, Auston Matthews hammers home a rebound and celebrates emphatically as the Maple Leafs take a 2-1 lead

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Don't make Auston Matthews angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

The Toronto Maple Leafs star forward had a goal disallowed in a game against the Colorado Avalanche on Monday. He was visibly annoyed on the bench following the call.

So, in his very next shift, Matthews went out and buried one.

Perhaps wanting to leave no doubt, Matthews signaled the goal himself.

As the young star celebrated, referee Gord Dwyer signaled the goal almost in synch, making for a funny visual.

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