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Hub On Everything From Trade News To McPhee's Negotiations With Teams

A one-stop shop for all breaking news as the Golden Knights have received other teams' protected lists and prepare for the Expansion Draft

by Dan Marrazza @GoldenKnights /

It's been said that George McPhee has the most fun job in sports.

After all, who wouldn't want to be the general manager of Las Vegas' first major league sports franchise and have the chance to build an NHL franchise from scratch?

McPhee admitted himself on Sunday that the past year has been one of the most, if not the most enjoyable years of his professional career.

He also addressed a variety of subjects with visiting media during a brief recess from the "war room," where Vegas' hockey operations staff has gathered to decide which players to select at Wednesday's Expansion Draft.

Here is a one-stop hub for all of the subjects McPhee has discussed.

McPhee Sets Tuesday Deadline For Other GMs Looking To Make Deals

Ahead of the Expansion Draft, the expectation is that the Golden Knights may have many trades in the works.

These trades could either be the team dealing its players or draft picks for other assets, or George McPhee acquiring collateral from teams seeking to protect certain players in the Expansion Draft.

While we don't quite know what McPhee has in the works, he has confirmed that he's held discussions with several clubs.

He also confirmed that these discussions will end on Tuesday.

To read more about why McPhee set this deadline for Tuesday, CLICK HERE.


Video: George McPhee puts opposing GMs on notice


Golden Knights Balancing Expansion Draft Prep With Plans For Entry Draft

For as much attention as Wednesday's Expansion Draft at T-Mobile Arena has received, it must also be noted that Vegas is now only days away from participating in its first Entry Draft this weekend.

With both events probably dictating much of the team's success over the next number of years, George McPhee has faced the tall task of preparing for both franchise-defining events at the same time.

To read how he's doing it, CLICK HERE.


Video: George McPhee discusses the Expansion Draft lists


McPhee Savoring Experience

As hectic as this week is for the Golden Knights, it's also pretty darn cool. After all, not many people get to say they built a pro sports franchise from scratch.

The magnitude of this situation wasn't lost on George McPhee.

To read McPhee's thoughts on this week's significance to both the team and himself, CLICK HERE.


McPhee Discusses Free Agent Negotiations

Until the conclusion of the Expansion Draft on Wednesday, the Golden Knights have an exclusive window in which to negotiate with free agents. This is ahead of regular free agency, which the NHL's other 30 teams cannot begin participating in until July 1.

The catch is that if the Golden Knights sign any free agents during this window, Vegas will no longer be able to select an additional player from that player's former team in the Expansion Draft.

To find out where the Golden Knights' free agents talks sit, CLICK HERE.

McPhee Continues Search For Draft Picks

While George McPhee has said it's important for the Golden Knights to imediately field a competitive team, he hasn't been shy when talking about the importance he places on the Entry Draft.

The Entry Draft, says McPhee, will be where Vegas acquires the players that become its franchise cornerstones.

To read more about how McPhee plans on balancing his pursuit of a team that's immediately competitive and acquiring draft picks, CLICK HERE.


What Does George McPhee Think Of The Protected Lists?

The Golden Knights' general manager shared his thoughts on the quality of players available to Vegas after receiving other teams' protected lists on Sunday morning.

He also touched on how picking players isn't only his team picking the best player off another squad. He added that what position the player plays, coupled with how this fits into the team's league mandate to select a certain amount of players from each position, is also a factor.

To read what McPhee said, CLICK HERE


Video: Driving to work with George McPhee 


NHL Salary Cap Limit Set At $75 Million For 2017-18

On Sunday, the NHL announced its salary cap limit for next season. George McPhee spoke about how this announcement impacts the Golden Knights' plans.

To read what McPhee said, CLICK HERE.


Video: Sunday was a busy day for the Golden Knights


McPhee Yet To Make Trades

While there's been lots of discussion and McPhee says he has many potential trades lined up, he added that he's yet to pull the trigger, officially, on any deals.

To read more about where the Golden Knights are at in terms of making trades with other teams, CLICK HERE.


Video: George McPhee receiving other teams' protected lists


McPhee Will Have Interesting Trade Options

When the Expansion Draft protected lists were released, the immediate reaction was that these were the players the Golden Knights would get to choose from for their roster.

McPhee has continually mentioned that any player left available for the Golden Knights could be available to any other team in a three-way deal.

To understand this concept better and to read where McPhee is at in these negotiations, CLICK HERE.


Video: George McPhee addresses the media

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