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McPhee Has Yet To Pull The Trigger On Any Trades

The Golden Knights GM did, however, say that he believes he has many things lined up.

by Dan Marrazza @GoldenKnights /

From the second the Golden Knights received the other 30 NHL teams' protected lists at about 7:30 AM (PT) on Sunday morning, the hockey world has been waiting for what will happen next.

Of course, Vegas' Expansion Draft picks won't be announced until Wednesday night.

But after Saturday, when a roster freeze that prohibits clubs from making any transactions except for those with the Golden Knights went into effect, insiders and fans alike have been wondering what George McPhee has had in the works.

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Especially with a relative lack of trades leading up to the freeze, the general consensus is that McPhee's had a lot in the works.

After all, if teams wanted to shield players from McPhee, trading them to another club would've been one of their best options.

And with the lack of action around the league, the feeling amongst many is that these teams already have deals lined up with the Golden Knights.

Video: George McPhee receiving other teams' protected lists


On Sunday morning, McPhee said he has yet to make any least officially.

"We don't have anything," McPhee said. "We have lots of things lined up. But until we see everything, we don't have anything.

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"We're going to make all of our final decisions late because we don't know what kind of calls we're going to get today. They may be different than the calls the same manager may have different things to talk about today, now that we're in the expansion window, than he did the last few days."


Video: Driving to work with George McPhee


McPhee added that he was pleasantly surprised by the lack of moves made by other teams in recent days, which has positioned his staff to acquire the players they covet even better than expected.

"That was the bigger surprise yesterday, because we were expecting this mass redistribution of players that really didn't happen, which we were really happy about," McPhee said.

"Well, what it does is, some of the things we were worried about with no-move clauses and that sort of thing didn't happen, and I think the harvest of assets that we are going to have now will be what we were hoping for."

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