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The Flames discuss facing off against the Golden Knights tonight

by TORIE PETERSON @ToriePeterson /

Milan Lucic on getting on the scoreboard first

"It's always better when you're playing with the lead and not chasing the game from behind. I think we've obviously done a good job this year, when we've been down a few goals, to get ourselves back into the game. But you don't always want to play from behind. It's not going to work for you on a night-to-night basis if you're always a down a couple of goals. I think our starts have been good but right now, it just seems like, as a collective group, we don't have that finishing touch in the scoring areas. And on another note, you can't just rely on the same guys to keep scoring goals. We need more of a collective effort, as far as that goes. It starts with me, it starts with a lot of guys that could definitely get it going in that department."


Lucic on playing in Vegas

"There's a lot going on here. They've even got the go-go dancers on the glass during warm-ups. I'd say it's probably the hardest building to play in now, in today's NHL, because of the fans, because of what they bring to the game, what Vegas is all about. They do a good job feeding off of their crowd. Sometimes, as a road team, you kind of have to feed off the crowd as well. You can use their energy to your advantage. Hopefully we can do that here tonight."


Lucic on sticking with the process when the offence isn't coming as easily as it has

"I feel talking on the bench, saying the right things, and all that type of stuff keeps you in it. When you go quiet and no one is really saying anything, that's when frustration starts to kick in and when second-guessing starts to kick in. When guys are vocal and they're saying the right things and doing it on the ice, that helps you stick with it. It seems like we're close so we've just go to stick with it and hope that it's like that ketchup bottle effect: once you get it out, it starts to pour out."


Cam Talbot on playing at T-Mobile Arena

"It's a great atmosphere. It's something that you want to be a part of but obviously they feed off it too. You have to manage those momentum swings. If they do score a goal, then the next shift is usually huge because you can't really hear anything in this building. It's going to be a battle all night so communication is going to be huge."


Talbot on the opening 10 minutes of the game

"Our starts are crucial. If we can get a few chances early, take their crowd out of it and build some momentum ourselves, that's going to be big in a building like this ... at the drop of the puck, we've got to be ready."


Talbot on getting the start this evening

"I just have to go out there and make the stops I'm supposed to make tonight. I thought that I had a pretty good outing on Wednesday night so I'm just going to try to build off of that and go out there and give us a chance to win."


Bill Peters on his team opening the scoring

"I think it could make a huge difference. It would give us a little bit more confidence, allow you to play with the lead, and when you make a mistake, you're back to square on the scoreboard. If you're trailing, if you get down by one, some guys might start to press a little bit and then it becomes even harder to generate offence. Getting on the board early would be nice, getting the first one at any point of the game would be good."


Peters on being emotionally engaged right from the puck-drop

"We've got to find a way to get involved early and not wait for something to happen, to dictate that. We need to dictate the intensity of the game and we've got to start on time."

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