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BLOG: Shero: Devils Not Near Level They Expected

Ray Shero discussed the players not playing at the level they or the players themselves would expect, so far this season

by Chris Wescott NJDevils /

"Everybody had higher expectations."

Devils Executive Vice President and General Manager/Alternate Governor Ray Shero was straight to the point when discussing his team's performance leading up to Tuesday's coaching change. John Hynes was relieved of his duties as head coach, giving Alain Nasreddine an opportunity to step in as interim head coach.

While Shero mentioned not reaching expectations, he wasn't just talking about the coaching staff.

"It's collectively as a group and our team," Shero said. "I don't think there's any one player that is performing even at the level of, or let alone above, that we'd expect, or maybe they expect.

"So that's the thing that's disappointing."

With that being said, Shero believes "change brings opportunity."

"[It's an] opportunity for them and to find out kind of where we are here, where we're going to go. Because, you know, in terms of being where we are this season past Thanksgiving… no one has really got to the level we expect or they would probably expect so over the course of some time here, hopefully, that's going to happen and we really find out what we have here in terms of our players and where we're going to go."

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