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Ask Gerv! No. 9

How many masks does Carey Price go through in a season?

by Pierre Gervais as told to Joanie Godin @canadiensmtl /

Every week, Canadiens equipment manager Pierre Gervais answers fan questions submitted through social media. Here's the latest edition of Ask Gerv!

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1. Question from Habs, via Twitter

"How many masks does Carey Price go through in a season?" 

Two or three. He always has two masks and he'll often have a third made. This year, for the outdoor game, he'll have one made that he'll only wear for that particular game. He'll always tweak little things with his mask. Even on his backup mask, the design is always a little different. Carey doesn't have two masks that are exactly alike. He loves changing it up. They're personalized for him, same thing for every goalie in the League. Dave Hart, who lives in Sweden, makes the masks for him. How it works is Carey will propose something, Dave will send him a mock up by email and then Carey will either ask for changes or approve the design. Before Dave actually makes the masks, he sends the designs to me to approve because the NHL has very strict design rules we need to follow. You can't have any violent images, for example. I'll look at it, approve it, and then he starts painting.

2. Question from Francois Seguin, via Facebook

"How do you organize the players' gear in their stalls?"

The guys do it themselves and then we re-organize things after. But they always hang up their own gear. Pants go on the left, the garter belt and jock go in the middle, and the shoulder pads go on the right. Up top, the shin pads go on either side with gloves and elbow pads in between. It's always the same, whether we're at the Bell Centre or on the road. That's how we do it. Some teams do it differently, where they'll put pants on the right or something like that, but this is how we do it and the guys know what we expect. It's funny to see new players come in and look at what the other guys are doing to make sure they're putting their stuff in the right place.

3. Question from Joe Khoury, via Twitter

""Darth"? Do we have a Sith on the team?"

"Darth" is Jordie Benn's nickname. But I don't know the story behind it. He was asked by someone in the media at one point and he said he prefers to keep the story a secret. Guys can ask their stick reps to customize their sticks with whatever name they want on them. That's what they had printed on them when they arrived from Dallas so I knew they were his.

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