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Shark Life: Teal Travels Leads to Wedding Bells

by Casey Krygier @sanjosesharks /

We stumbled across an eye-catching story on the /r/hockey subreddit and had to reach out to learn more. Kevin Aguirre (Reddit user LA_Drone_415) met his now wife, Mary while on a flight from Southern California to the Bay all because she caught his eye with her Sharks apparel. Here's their teal travels love story as told by Kevin:

I met my wife, Mary, over five years ago. On a flight between LA and the Bay, I saw her wearing some Sharks gear, so I said hi. We learned that we were both from the Bay Area, but were living in Southern California at the time. We exchanged numbers, and a week later went on our first date at a bar in Orange County. 

Mary has family in Toronto, so they naturally got her into hockey. Growing up in the East Bay, Mary started watching Sharks games on TV around the age of 13, and she grew into a big Sharks fan. My first exposure to the Sharks was when I was five years old. My mom took my brother and me to see Disney On Ice at the Cow Palace. I remember seeing Sharks banners hanging around and thinking, "Woah, that logo looks cool." I didn't know anything about hockey but seeing that logo turned me into a young fan.

I always travel with my Pavelski Heritage sweater. Mary has a favorite Sharks hat and a couple of sweaters. We love repping teal in all cities. I wear my teal Pavelski shirt to work at least once a week. Despite the dirty looks and occasional comments from the locals, Mary and I never hesitate to wear our gear out in LA. She even has a Sharks license plate frame. And of course, there is constant rivalries between my Ducks and Kings loving "friends". 

If you couldn't tell already, my favorite player on the team is Captain America himself, Joe Pavelski. Mary loves Burnzie. How can you not love that beautiful bearded Wookiee? I have to mention Kevin Labanc too- we loved his play early on, and were lucky enough to meet him a couple of times. He's a really nice guy!

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