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Lightning celebrating with 'Signed Stamkos!'

Tampa Bay using old marketing campaign to revel in new contract for captain

by Cutler Klein @CutlerKlein / Staff Writer

In the wake of signing captain Steven Stamkos to an eight-year contract Wednesday, the Tampa Bay Lightning have taken a page from the days before Stamkos was drafted to share their excitement about the contract.

The Lightning posted a celebratory note Thursday: "Signed Stamkos!"

Tweet from @TBLightning: Seen Stamkos? ������

It's similar to a marketing campaign to what the Lightning used leading into the 2008 NHL Draft. They had the first pick and Stamkos was the clear choice. To drum up excitement in the community, a campaign was created that featured a very simple question: "Seen Stamkos?"

The Lightning created a website, and "Seen Stamkos?" was plastered all around Tampa on billboards, T-shirts, bumper stickers, bracelets, even on an advertising banner flown over the beach by an airplane. The mascot and cheerleaders from the Tampa Bay Storm of the Arena Football League wore "Seen Stamkos?" shirts for their home games. By the time the draft came, almost everyone in Tampa knew who Stamkos was, and wanted to see him in action.

Now, the Lightning are putting Stamkos on billboards once again.

Tweet from @eblankenship:

It's unclear if "Signed Stamkos!" will make its way around Tampa like the original "Seen Stamkos?" did, but it's clear the Lightning are thrilled to have signed Stamkos.

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