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Ovechkin's son squeals watching dad play on TV

Capitals captain's child can't keep his cool while seeing father's highlights

by Pat Pickens @Pat_Pickens / Staff Writer

Sergei Ovechkin couldn't keep his cool when he saw his dad on television.

Alex Ovechkin's 1-year-old son squealed with delight watching his dad on television in a video Ovechkin's wife Nastya posted to Instagram.

Tweet from @Capitals: #OviJr watching Papa on TV is too much! (IG/nastyashubskaya)

Sergei leaped off the couch and ran to get a closer look at the TV upon seeing his dad's highlights flash across the screen.

Nastya later posted a video on Instagram of Sergei's adorable action, during the intermission of the Capitals vs. Philadelphia Flyers broadcast on NBCSN, which admittedly was a bit trippy.

We're sure dad was feeling the love from home.

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