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Senators forward headbutts puck into net, Twitter wants to count it

White's goal is discounted, correctly, but social media liked the play

by Dan O'Leary @DanOLeary25 / Staff Writer

White head-butts puck into net

TBL@OTT: White has head-butt goal disallowed

Colin White spots a fluttering puck and uses his head to play it into the net, but the goal is disallowed

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Sorry, that's against the rules. No ifs, ands or headbutts about it.

Ottawa Senators forward Colin White headed a falling puck into the net in the third period of a game against the Tampa Bay Lightning on Saturday.

While White thought he had the tying goal, the referees immediately waved off the goal.

Still, give the man an A for effort. White seemed to be the only one on the ice with a visual of the puck, seeing as he rang the puck off the crossbar, popping it high into the air before pulling the soccer header.

As the Senators pointed out on Twitter, it's not an easy move to pull off.

Tweet from @Senators: Headbutt goals should count. That's hard to do.

Even the Tampa Bay Lightning respected the effort.

Tweet from @TBLightning: That Sens goal didn���t count, obviously would have been against us so glad it didn���t, but������. ok that was kind of cool 😂

"That was a unique situation. It was like slow motion and I thought oh... it's going to land in the crease," Lightning coach Jon Cooper said in his televised postgame press conference. "Its an instinctive move. It was a pretty cool play the kid made but even if that was reveresed and we did that I wouldnt be like (that goal would count). That's not what you want guys charging with their heads."

The Senators Twitter account conducted its own poll if the goal should count and got the results they desired.

Tweet from @Senators: 👍 if you think it should count.👎 if you're a cop.

Still doesn't count, but at least everyone had fun with it.

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