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'Hockey is Magic' web series teams up NHL, illusionist Flom

New episodes air every Monday on League social-media channels

by Pat Pickens @Pat_Pickens / Staff Writer

"Hockey is Magic" Trailer

Justin Flom tricks NHL stars on "Hockey is Magic"

Magician Justin Flom stumps the biggest stars from the League in the upcoming show, "Hockey is Magic"

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Hockey can be magical, but magic and hockey will come together thanks to Justin Flom.

Flom, a well-known magician whose YouTube videos have produced more than 1 billion views, created more than 20 original hockey-themed tricks he used to fool NHL players in a new web series called "Hockey is Magic."

Tweet from @NHL: 🔮 HOCKEY IS MAGIC 🔮 Magician @justinflom performed tricks for some of the League's best players and the results were priceless! 😂

"It was a blast. It was amazing," Flom told from Hawaii, where he was performing Monday. "The guys were super fun, and I was very excited to create brand-new magic for the guys."

New episodes will air every Monday on the NHL's social-media channels, with Flom using levitating pucks, mind reading, hockey cards and a magic whiteboard to fool some the biggest stars in the League, including Alex Ovechkin, P.K. Subban and Sidney Crosby. The videos include surprise celebrity cameos and incredible player reactions to the tricks.

"P.K. was boss. He had a great reaction to the magic," Flom said. "P.K. was almost angry at the magic. The magic happens, and he turns and he looks at the camera and says 'What are you guys doing here? I'm not OK with any of this.' It was really fun.

"I think the other player I really loved hanging out with was Alex Ovechkin. We had this trick we do for him where I'm able to manipulate a deck of cards using a hockey stick, and he said I was surgical with that hockey stick, and coming from Alex that's pretty high praise."

Flom flawlessly executed the tricks, including some that he was trying for the first time for the players.

"Some of these tricks we didn't get to test on anybody," Flom said. "The very first time they were seen were for that particular hockey player in front of the camera. That's a crazy thing."

 The 33-year-old has done magic on shows like "Ellen," "Rachael Ray," and "The Late, Late Show with James Corden" and was a finalist on the most recent season of "The World's Best." He is from Eden Prairie, Minnesota but lives in Las Vegas and calls himself a Vegas Golden Knights fan. He grew up in a household of magicians and says he's been doing magic since he was 2 years old.

"My dad was a magician. My uncle was a magician," Flom said. "From a very young age, I was working on sleight of hand and figure out how to do these impossible things, and I just dove headfirst into magic.

"It all kind of started with growing up in a magic home, with a dad as a magician and being told 'hey, this isn't impossible. You can do it.'"

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