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Capitals practice for future, play against robot

A puck handling machine was the opponent for a pair of Washington players @NHLdotcom

Is this the NHL's version of Westworld?

A video surfaced on Sunday of Washington Capitals Kevin Shattenkirk and Evgeny Kuznetsov appearing to practice with a stickhandling robot.

Tweet from @Tommy_Chalk: Kuznetsov and Shattenkirk are being challenged by a robot.

Unlike the popular sci-fi TV series though, this robot looked nothing like a human being. It actually looked more like the old video game character Q-bert.

The robot was a small square on a on a stand that featured an arm holding a hockey stick that made a sweeping motion. The object, it appears, is to handle the puck around the robot without hitting the stick.

Tweet from @Tommy_Chalk: Kuznetsov has solved the robot.

At one point, after Kuznetsov was handling around the robot with ease, Shattenkirk appeared to increase the machine's speed.

So much for cones.

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