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Jacob Markstrom's new goalie mask is sick throwback

Canucks goaltender debuts helmet that has a face wearing a mask painted on it @NHLdotcom

Jacob Markstrom is offcially wearing a goalie mask of a guy wearing a goalie mask.

The Vancouver Canucks goalie debuted his new lid Tuesday night against the Rangers, complete with airbrushed hair and ears.

The look, inspired by the past and brought to life by artist David Gunnarsson, is an homage to the days when goalies wore just facemasks without helmets.

The mask is reminiscent of one Canadiens goalie Carey Price wore at the 2011 Heritage Classic (though his had eyeballs on the top of the helment), an homage to Jaques Plante.

It also recalls a design worn by Steve Shields, then of the Bruins, in a nod to Gary Cheevers, who famously had stitches drawn all over his facemask.

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