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5 Tips for Making the Most of Tip-A-King

Thx Bud goes undercover to get the real scoop at the LA Kings annual charity fundraiser

by Chanelle Berlin and Diane Phan @thxbud /

1. Make Sophie's Choice Beforehand

As expected, people lined up for the big guys; Jeff Carter, Jonathan Quick, Anze Kopitar and Drew Doughty had long lines the entire night. If you're not fortunate enough to grab one of the VIP packages, you need to decide who you love the most. We know it's tough, but you have to figure out your priorities.

Is it observing Jonathan Quick's ever-growing number of tattoos up close? Is it appreciating that Jeff Carter shaved, put in his teeth, and got a haircut so he looks good in 500 fan photos? Is it looking into the eyes of Anze Kopitar, the Prince of Los Angeles and Slovenia, in person? You may only get one, so it's best to choose wisely.

2. Double Up!

After you survive the longest line, easily make your way through some of the stations with two players teamed up. Having a little bit of extra was awesome because even a few extra seconds meant opportunities for unexpected gems.

Shoutout to Nick Shore, who was on top of photo directing and scooching you into prime position, making sure we got the best picture possible. He chatted and smiled and grinned at us that whole time…

Only to go Blue Steel and mean mug it for the actual photo.

Stay wonderful Nick Shore.

3. Get Your Own Scoops

Sometimes you have some burning questions to ask about things you see on the internet. You need answers, and you've finally got your chance to find out.

Let's say for example, you need more information about this gem of a photo:

Just go straight to the source and ask Jeff Zatkoff what the deal is, and he'll let you know "I lived in that room, that was definitely our dorm room, and yeah that could've been my camera that took that picture."

Also let it be known that if you're an amped little kid who's so excited to meet Zatkoff, he'll match your enthusiasm and raise you one by asking you to dab with him, making your day even more.

4. Chris Sutter and Gustl are Treasures. Cherish Them.

Sometimes the best experiences aren't even with the players at all.

Anyone who's been to a Kings game knows that getting to groove with Chris Sutter on the dance cam would be an honor and a privilege, and now you have your chance!

It can be daunting, but Chris has got you covered. You want to dance but you're not sure if your moves are elite like his? Don't fret, he'll show you a couple of options that you can use if you want!

"Hey Chris, what dance moves are you going to pull out?"

"I don't like to plan it, I just dance."

Maybe dancing isn't your thing, but animals are your jam? Look no further than an opportunity to smooch Gustl, the softest and greatest of the Kings pups, and the cover star of this year's We Are All K-9s Kings calendar.

Tweet from @LAKings: Gustl! Oh, my god! Gustl's coming! I know him! I know him!

Sometimes you surprise yourself by being so starstruck and enamored with a dog, but then you realize IT'S GUSTL, and it all makes sense.

We don't know if they'll be around every year, but the games and attractions without the roster players were some of our favorites and the most creative.

5. Keep Your Eyes Peeled

While the players stuck to their designated areas, don't think that that's the only place you're going to see something or someone fun.

Cruise over to the garage sale and find some treasures, from signed sticks from players of Kings past to bobbleheads that you thought you missed out on but can now snatch up. Have a glass of wine with Jim Fox while perusing the silent auction options.

Even standing in line has its perks. You might see Darryl Sutter standing around surveying the event in full dad mode, making sure everyone's taken care of.

You want his signature on your poster? He's got you covered!

You're just a lil guy and can't get to the top of the Plinko board at the booth next door? No worries, he's here to lift you (and your spirits) up!

Then, at the end of your successful night, heavy with food and swag and a phone full of memories, walk out to your car escorted by Bob Miller. Okay, not exactly, but we ran into him as we left and he was as lovely and gracious as ever. Let him tell you how happy he is that the Kings won and what a great time he had chatting to everyone. Also let him tell you how excited he is to go home and sleep. We feel you Bob, we feel you so much on that one.

All in all, it's a good time, for a good cause with your favorite team.

What more can you ask for?

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