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Chris Sutter visits Angels Albert Pujols

by Fox Sports West @FoxSportsWest /
Son of LA Kings coach Daryl Sutter, Chris Sutter took a trip down to Angels Stadium to visit with Albert Pujols on behalf of the Pujols Foundation.
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The Creation of ARPANET and the Birth of the Internet

'50 Years In LA' looks beyond the team and at the city they call home

by Emily Hummel @hummeline /

In 1969, about 12 miles away from the Fabulous Forum, something new was being born. We tend to think of the internet as a modern creation, that came of age with us in the Oregon Trail Generation, where we had rooms for computers, and remember fondly the sound of dial-up modems. So it's surprising to realize that the roots of the internet go a bit further back. 

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Black and White: Season 2, Episode 1

by Tricia Friedman /

The Season 2 debut of Black & White gives you an inside look at the off-season on the Sutter ranch in Viking, Alberta, Canada.

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PODCAST: Training Camp Update w/ Jon Rosen

by Jesse Cohen @KingsMenPodcast /

Jon Rosen joins Jesse Cohen for a new episode of All The Kings Men Podcast. Update on LA Kings camp and Jesse owns up to being wrong about Team North America.

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PODCAST: Lowell MacDonald - 50 Kings

by Jesse Cohen @KingsMenPodcast /

As part of the 50 Kings series, Lowell MacDonald, member of the inaugural LA Kings team, joins host Jesse Cohen and Dave Joseph to discuss his time with the Kings franchise, his career in the NHL and the importance of education.

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50 Forgotten Stories: The Battle for Red Kelly

by Sheng Peng @Sheng_Peng /

In honor of the franchise's 50th anniversary, this is the second in a series of 50 forgotten Kings stories. Going beyond the classic, well-worn tales, this series is for the die-hard fans…who thought they knew everything about their favorite team. 

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50 Kings - Bryan Smolinski

by By Deborah Lew /

Bryan Smolinski began his tour of duty with the Los Angeles Kings in June of 1999. He was traded from the New York Islanders in an eight-player deal that also brought Ziggy Palffy to LA.

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New Game Helmet for Jonathan Quick

by Tricia Friedman / @EYECANDYAIR

Get a closer look at the brand new helmet Jonathan Quick will be sporting this season. 

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LA Kings: Civil War, the WCH Edition

by Tricia Friedman /

It's finally here. Canada vs Europe. Doughty and Muzzin on one side, Kopitar on the other. A Kings Civil War.

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25 years ago outdoor hockey made its way to Las Vegas

Wayne Gretzky, others recount Kings-Rangers classic at Caesars Palace

by Pat Pickens @Pat_Pickens / Staff Writer

Outdoor hockey has become a regular part of the NHL calendar with the annual Winter Classic and Stadium Series games. But in 1991, the idea of playing an NHL game outdoors was nearly incomprehensible.

But dreamers from the Los Angeles Kings and Caesars Palace in Las Vegas made outdoor hockey -- in the desert, no less -- a reality 25 years ago.

On Sept. 27, 1991, the Kings and New York Rangers played a preseason game on a rink in the casino's parking lot.

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