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Scott Mayfield Twitter Q and A

Scott Mayfield answered questions from Islanders fans in a Twitter Q and A

by Rachel Schwartz Schwartzee524 / New York Islanders

Favorite restuarant? Favorite road city? Pre-game routine? Does pineapple belong on pizza? What Stranger Things character do you associate with? 

You have questions, Scott Mayfield has answers. Check out the Islanders defenseman's Twitter Q&A from earlier today. 

Tweet from @NYIslanders: .@scottmayfield2 is ready to take over #Isles twitter and answer your questions! Tweet your questions using #AskAProPlayer.

Tweet from @ian_10_19: #AskAProPlayer what other sports did you play as a kid?

Tweet from @NYIslanders: I played golf, soccer and baseball. �����������������

 Tweet from @IslesFan83: #AskAProPlayer Do you have a personal ritual before a game?

Tweet from @NYIslanders: I always tie my right skate first!

Tweet from @James_sez: @NYIslanders #AskAProPlayer would you rather fight a duck sized horse or a horse sized duck? Also what���s your favorite sandwich?

Tweet from @NYIslanders: For sure a duck sized horse.. I enjoy a nice Cold Cut Combo from Subway ��

Tweet from @Alex_Wittner: @NYIslanders @scottmayfield2 How much do you miss your long lockes? Be honest... #AskAProPlayer #Isles

Tweet from @NYIslanders: I miss them so much ������

Tweet from @pinkmeats: @NYIslanders #AskAProPlayer 10 year max contract if you can do this blue to blue, you getting paid or what?

Tweet from @NYIslanders: I'd make ������

Tweet from @islanders2014: @NYIslanders favorite sports team other than NYI? #AskAProPlayer

Tweet from @NYIslanders: The St. Louis Cardinals ��

Tweet from @wlamarca111: How much pride do you take in your Gordie Howe hat trick the other night? #AskAProPlayer

Tweet from @NYIslanders: It was my first one ever so I am pretty happy about it! ������

Tweet from @Kschwenky: @scottmayfield2 Which @Stranger_Things kid do you associate the most with? #AskAProPlayer

Tweet from @NYIslanders: I am not sure if I associate myself with any of them but my favorite is Dustin for sure!

Tweet from @nicolevovou: #AskAProPlayer @antonios822 @vovou17 Who is the most beautiful Islander?

Tweet from @NYIslanders: .@aladd16��

Tweet from @jetsfan24x7: Does pinapple belong on pizza? #AskAProPlayer

Tweet from @NYIslanders: Yes. Almost anything can go on pizza!

Tweet from @paulryanpaul: What is your favorite city to play in and why is it Bingo? #AskAProPlayer.

Tweet from @NYIslanders: Paul.... no more questions for you. ��

Tweet from @islesnoah: Favorite road arena to play in? #AskAProPlayer

Tweet from @NYIslanders: St. Louis or Montreal!

Tweet from @GrafixJoker: Do you like cartoons? #AskAProPlayer

Tweet from @NYIslanders: I do! My favorite growing up was Rocket Power!

Tweet from @2Timmer7: #AskAProPlayer post game meal - chicken parm or Steak ?

Tweet from @NYIslanders: Chicken Parm before the game, Steak after. ����

Tweet from @paulmanno99: #AskAProPlayer Scott what is your favorite memory as a New York Islander?

Tweet from @NYIslanders: Game 6 against Washington. Last game at the Coli

Tweet from @b_lilmonster: @NYIslanders @scottmayfield2 #AskAProPlayer hows your day going so far

Tweet from @NYIslanders: Fantastic!

Tweet from @andrewmtweeting: @NYIslanders @scottmayfield2 Who has the best lettuce on the team not counting yourself? #AskAProPlayer

Tweet from @NYIslanders: 3-way tie between Pelech, @joboych and Chimera.

Tweet from @11DKennedy: Is a hot dog a sandwich? #AskAProPlayer

Tweet from @NYIslanders: No....... it's a hot dog.

Tweet from @Chrissyx1587: @NYIslanders #AskAProPlayer what���s your favorite emoji to use?

Tweet from @NYIslanders: ������

Tweet from @DoctorOsty: @NYIslanders @scottmayfield2 #askaproplayer Blue line to blue line who wins the race - Leddy, Chimera, Barzal, or Ho-Sang? #isles #AskAProPlayer

Tweet from @NYIslanders: Why is my name not included in this?????

Tweet from @rdoud12: @NYIslanders #AskAProPlayer favorite place to eat on the island?

Tweet from @NYIslanders: Vincents Clam Bar or Toku

Tweet from @TheAlexP0rter: @NYIslanders #AskAProPlayer Black Alternate, Fisherman Uni, or the switch to Navy Blue, if you had to choose?

Tweet from @NYIslanders: Fisherman ��

Tweet from @nyillini311: #AskAProPlayer Ted Drewes or Ralphs?

Tweet from @NYIslanders: Ted Drewes without a doubt ��

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