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Mayfield Cuts His Flow For Charity

Islanders defenseman donates his hair to Wigs 4 Kids

by Rachel Schwartz Schwartzee524 / New York Islanders

Mayfield Cuts Flow To Charity

Mayfield Cuts Flow To Charity

Scott Mayfield donated his hair to Wigs 4 Kids

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Scott Mayfield had the best hair on the team. 

It was long, blonde and in a helmetless era, it would have flown in the wind as he skated down the ice and made for a magnificent hockey card. Even in a helmet, it looked pretty good.

Mayfield got some good years out of his long hair, but decided that it was time for someone else to enjoy it. On Thursday he got it cut and is donating it to Wigs 4 Kids, an organization that creates wigs and offers support to kids who have lost their hair due to cancer and other ailments. Learn more about Wigs4Kids.

Tweet from @NYIslanders: Best hair on the team?? Easily @scottmayfield2. But it's time for a �������������������������� Follow live on our Instagram! (��ny_islanders)

Tweet from @NYIslanders: �������������������������� The flow is officially gone... but it's all for a good cause. @scottmayfield2 had 10 inches of hair to donate to @Wigs4Kids!

Tweet from @NYIslanders: If the new hairstyle doesn't work out for @scottmayfield2??He's got a solid plan inspired by Chimmer & @joboych...

Tweet from @scottmayfield2: It was fun while it lasted @Wigs4Kids!!!!

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