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Full Season Ticket Sales Are Capped. Now What?

VP of Ticketing & Suites Todd Pollock details what ticket options will remain

by Dan Marrazza @GoldenKnights /

If you "can't wait" to see the Golden Knights in the team's first season this fall, then Wednesday's announcement probably seemed appropriate.

The team announced that it will be capping full season ticket sales after 5:00 PM this coming Friday, April 5. At that point, those interested in purchasing season tickets will be required to sign up for the team's "Can't Wait" Priority List if they are still interested in buying full season tickets.

"I think Vegas is turning into a hockey town and a hockey market," Vice President of Ticketing & Suites Todd Pollock said. "We believe that, and thought that was true when we started the drive. Now we're seeing the momentum and the excitement.

"You can't go anywhere in this town without hearing or seeing something about the Golden Knights. It's really a reflection of how people are engaged with our team and how excited they are."

With this capping of sales this coming Friday, Pollock provided five things to know about what ticketing options will remain and what to expect.

With all options, the Golden Knights' ticketing & suites department can be reached at 702-645-4259 to provide assistance.

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1. One of the main reasons the team is capping full season ticket sales is to facilitate individual game purchases

"As part of our effort and goal to make it all inclusive in people in all of Clark County and our fans, we want to have enough single game and group tickets available," Pollock said. "Based on our current full season ticket sales that include full (season), half (season) and quarter (season), we want to keep enough inventory for single games.

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"Just because someone can't because of time and/or money have a season ticket plan, they should still be able to come out and enjoy professional NHL hockey, enjoy a state-of-the art facility and have a hometown team that they're proud of. Come out, whether it be one game or five games, they should still have that access to our tickets."


2. Specific Dates For Individual Ticket Sales Have Not Yet Been Decided

While the team doesn't have a specific date that single game ticket will go on sale yet, it is known that this won't be decided until after the Golden Knights' schedule is released. The team's schedule will be released at the same time the NHL releases its entire schedule, which is annually early in the summer.

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"Sometime mid-late summer, we'll go on sale with a very limited number of single and group tickets," Pollock said. "Again, we do want to make it accessible for a lot of people, especially those that live here. Not everyone can get every game they want. We will offer as many tickets as we can to those types of people."

The Golden Knights will provide further details about individual ticket purchasing options at a later date.


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3. The schedule release will also impact what games will be in partial plans

Similar to the reason that individual tickets have not yet gone on sale (the lack of a 2017-18 NHL schedule), which games will be slotted into which partial plans will also be decided at a later date, after the league releases its schedule.

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"We'll build packages that are very balanced," Pollock said. "You're not going to have one plan that's front loaded, so they're not going to be done with their tickets in December. Whether it's 11 or 22-game packages, it will be balanced in terms of days of the week, opponent and frequency (one game a month, two games a month) on the schedule.

"I'd say that of the four quarter season plans, there's potential that some of the emphasis will be on days of the week. Until we actually see the schedule, it's hard to say definitively how that will shake out."

 "Balance" refers to what month, day of the week and opponents will be included in each package.

4. Other than individual tickets, what else will still be available?

"We certainly have a limited number of our club seats on center ice still available, as well as some glass seats and premium seating," Pollock said. "That's independent. We still have a very small supply of seats within those areas."

For more information on pursuing these options, the Golden Knights' ticketing & suites department can be reached at 702-645-4259 during business hours.


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5. Group ticket opportunities are also still available

Whether it's for a company outing or for a group of friends planning a weekend trip to Vegas see a game, the Golden Knights are still offering group ticket options.

"Aside from those premium sites, it's group tickets," Pollock said. "Whether it's a group of 15 or 250 what want to come out, we'll focus on that. We'll focus on those community groups, we'll focus on the local businesses that are medium size that want to do a company outing or staff incentive.

"Groups really encompass your basic group ticket purchases, but we'll also have customized, high-end event suites, party suites, group tickets. We'll have the gamut of great experience, to super-duper, exclusive high-end experience. Those are the exact people that we're hearing from, too, that want to take advantage of having a professional sports team in town."

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