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Manson Shares Love for 'The Office' on 15th Anniversary of Its Premiere

by Kyle Shohara @kyleshohara /

Ducks defenseman Josh Manson considers himself a big fan of the hit sitcom The Office. Last week marked a significant anniversary for the show, which premiered 15 years ago on March 24, 2005. Earlier today, Manson dished on his favorite show and gave an update on how life has been at home as he and his wife, Julie, prepare for the birth of their child in late April.

What got you into the show?
My wife. She knew every episode and watched them a million times. I kind of watched it, but not really. She really got me into it. As you go along with it, you start to understand the characters more and it makes it even funnier. That's what really got me into the show. The first episode I ever watched, I laughed and thought it was okay, but I thought Michael was super awkward. I can't do awkward situations like that. As I got into it and started to understand it, I really started to enjoy it.

Have you been watching reruns during your time at home?
Yeah. There are marathons of it on Comedy Central, so we'll hang out and watch it. Did you see Some Good News with John Krasinski? It was so cool. We watched that last night. We've been watching the bloopers from The Office. That's the funniest thing to me. Bloopers are the best. When you see the cast trying not to laugh or them breaking character because it's that funny, that's the stuff.

Do you have a favorite episode?
I like Diversity Day. I've watched the Dinner Party once, but I think if I watch it again it'll be really funny to me. When I was watching the flat-screen scene, that was so funny.

Which character is your favorite?
It's got to be Michael. I liked the pranks Jim would play on Dwight in the earlier seasons, too. I liked those.

Is there a character you identify with?
I'd like to be Jim. I think I can relate to Jim.

If you could choose a teammate to play the following, who would it be? We'll start with the boss, Michael Scott.
There is no other Michael Scott. I couldn't even think of someone to play Michael. He's so unique. I got nobody. (Laughs).

Jim Halpert

Dwight Schrute
Who do we have on the team? [Laughs]. I've never thought about this before. It's hard to go through your lineup when you haven't been around the guys in a while. I'll say Adam Henrique because he's a farmer. The closest thing I can think of to being a beet farmer is a tobacco farmer. (One of Henrique's first jobs was working on the family's tobacco farm in Burford, Ontario.)

Ryan Howard
Millsy! (Ryan Miller). The sexy temp.

Toby Flenderson
He might be more like Miller. (Laughs).

If Miller is more like Toby, than who is more like Ryan?
Michael Del Zotto. Making business moves. (Laughs).

Creed Bratton
He's bald. Getzy? (Ryan Getzlaf). I don't know. Creed is super weird. There is no other Creed.

Stanley Hudson
He does a lot of crossword puzzles and doesn't pay attention in meetings. I'm trying to think of someone who huffs and puffs going up the stairs, you know? We don't really have any of those guys. That's a tough one.

Darryl Philbin
Darryl! He knows a bit of everything and comes up with good ideas. A warehouse guy who works on things. Getzy could be Darryl. Getzy knows all that stuff like how to work machinery. He can come up with ideas.

Roy Anderson
Nicolas Deslauriers

Moving on, how has life been since the NHL season was paused?
It's been okay. You find things to do at the house. We've been cleaning up the house a lot. Tidying up. The little things you normally wouldn't do. It's almost like spring cleaning. Preparing for the baby, which has been great. There were a lot of things I was going to do once the season was done. Once this happened, we were able to get everything ordered. All the boxes are coming in one after the other. We've got the room set up now. We feel a lot more comfortable and prepared. My Fortnite skills have improved immensely.

Do you have a gaming room?
We have an outside room. It's like a casita or more of like a movie room. I hooked it up there. We had the PlayStation there originally, but I've since hooked up my monitor.

You also have a mustache now.
Yes. I don't grow facial hair. This has been a lot of work. Think about how long we've been in quarantine, and this is all I have.

Have you had a chance to practice on the guitar?
I've been playing a little bit, but nothing crazy. I'll just play a few songs if we're hanging out in the living room. I got these stickers you place next to the frets that have notes on them so I can see what notes I'm playing. Hopefully my muscle memory comes back. So far, I haven't gotten too deep.

Speaking of music, have you watched any of your favorite artists on Instagram Live?
The only one I've watched was Luke Combs. Big Luke Combs fan. He played five songs or so. I love that stuff, so I'm going to keep watching. My favorite IG Live show he did was called a Deep Cuts Challenge. He covered one of my favorite Chris Stapleton songs that nobody really knows. That was cool.

Are you guys cooking a lot at home? Getting takeout more than usual?
We mix it up. It switches back and forth. We're cooking a lot at home, but we're also trying to ration the groceries we have so we don't have to leave the house a bunch. We have a bunch of frozen food we're saving and a bunch of meat we're saving. Then we also have meat for the fridge.

How's the toilet paper supply?
Oh my gosh. Julie loaded up in the beginning. She ordered a big box on Amazon, but we weren't sure if it was going to arrive so we went to the store. We bought a couple rolls at the store but didn't go crazy. We went out again and got another roll. Then the boxes from Amazon arrived. Thankfully we're set.

What are you doing to stay in shape?
We've been going on lots of walks. Walking the dog a lot. I did yoga. I have a workout plan now. I took two weeks off, which is what I usually do when the season ends. I have a bike and weights here. I'll be doing assault bike training, some weight training. Easy stuff.

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