Inline Hockey Initiatives

Inline hockey - or roller hockey - is a variation of hockey that is played using inline skates instead of the traditional ice hockey skates. It can be played outdoors on a smooth surface or indoors on sport court. Inline hockey has a long-standing history in Southern California highlighted by the Anaheim Bullfrogs, two-time champions of the former Roller Hockey International league (1993-1999) and the Pro Beach Hockey League hosted on an outdoor rink next to the Huntington Beach Pier (1998-2000). Today, the Anaheim Ducks have committed to the growth of inline hockey with several introductory programs including the Anaheim Ducks Inline Learn to Play Program and the Anaheim Ducks i3 Roller Hockey League.

What are the differences?

Inline hockey and ice hockey are very similar with a few distinct differences in rules and equipment. With inline hockey, the game is mostly played on smaller surfaces, and is played four on four instead of the traditional five on five. Roller hockey can be played at a much faster pace due to the no hitting, icing, or offside rules. This opens up the game and allows players to be more creative when moving with and without the puck. The equipment used when playing inline hockey is slightly different from ice hockey as well. Elbow pads, shin guards, gloves, and helmets used in ice hockey stay the same, however, aside from the different skates, inline hockey players wear long pants to cover their shin pads and under garments.

Benefits of inline hockey

  • An affordable introduction to hockey
  • Allows for off-season training at home
  • Helps develop and improve stick-handling and passing skills
  • Heavy emphasis on patience and puck possession
  • Instills creativity and builds confidence in hockey players of all ages
  • A twist on hockey that is fun!

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