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21st Duck

The Ducks will continue the tradition of creating a spot on their Opening Night roster for the 21st Duck, to honor a fan who embodies characteristics such as great perseverance, character, courage, inspiration or a fan who is making significant contributions to our community.

Ethan Baroldi, a 10 year-old from Anaheim, California was born with a congenital heart defect named Tetralogy of Fallot. Ethan was transferred to CHOC a few days after he was born, and he underwent multiple medical procedures to better understand the complexity of his condition. During his time in the CHOC Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, it was discovered that he also had been born with Factor V Liden, a blood clotting disorder. At six weeks old, he underwent the first of three open heart surgeries to begin the process of correcting the defect. During his recovery, Ethan experienced a stroke in his left temporal lobe, requiring him to be airlifted to Lucille Packard's Children's Hospital at Stanford University, where he underwent two more open more heart surgeries to fully repair the defect. By 13 months of age, Ethan had already undergone three open heart surgeries.

Since birth, the majority of Ethan's treatment has been at CHOC under the diligent care of Cardiologist, Dr. Gira Morchi, who has provided him the absolute best care available. Ethan has met many of the dedicated CHOC doctors and nurses throughout his life- in cardiology, hematology, and neurology, as they have all been instrumental in his growth and development over the years. Ethan's family credits the CHOC team with helping him become the amazing, vibrant, compassionate boy he is today. 

Ethan and his family have given back to the causes that have been influential in his treatment and recovery. Having utilized the Ronald McDonald House during his surgeries, his family put together Team Ethan Factor 5 in taking part in the Orange County Ronald McDonald House Walk for Kids that was held at Honda Center. In addition, Ethan and his family have supported the American Heart Association through their annual Jump Rope for Heart campaign, inspiring his classmates to get involved.

The Anaheim Ducks have always been a part of Ethan's family, as his father attended the club's first NHL game on October 8, 1993. Passionate about hockey, Ethan began skating at Anaheim ICE at the age of six as part of the Ducks Learn to Play program powered by Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry. It was during this time that his love of hockey would grow. As he was getting ready to take the next step in the Learn to Play program to join a hockey team, the doctors recommended he have a fourth procedure to change a heart valve. Adding to the stress of another surgery, this one took place in the middle of the pandemic. He had a successful valve surgery in May of 2020. 

Ordered not to skate or play hockey while his body healed, Ethan had to wait to be cleared to play again. After a year, Ethan tried out in July 2021, and made the Junior Ducks B team. With the extended time off from playing, he dedicated himself to improve his skills and be a supportive teammate. Throughout the season, Ethan gained confidence, and even scored a hat trick in his first year of travel hockey. 
In the summer of 2022, Ethan was able to attend hockey camp at Michigan Tech University where he received the "Husky Hustler" award for dedication, good sportsmanship, teamwork, kindness, and for having a positive attitude.

Never willing to give up playing the game he loves; Ethan is now in his second year with the Junior Ducks playing 12UB. His coaches say he is always happy to be on the ice, has an amazing attitude and his tenacity for the sport leads him to help the team be successful. Ethan inspires those around him by not letting his early health diagnosis define who he is and is proud to share the story of his scars to educate his friends and teammates. Nothing makes Ethan happier than playing hockey with his friends and watching "his" Anaheim Ducks win a game. 

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