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The Devils and Blues agreed to a social media bet that will pay out in delicious bbq

by Staff NJDevils /

It all started with a tweet. 

It was a simple welcome to the Devils guests, but also a warning. "Don't mess with our bagels."

After "St. Louis style" bagels went viral earlier this year [bagels sliced like bread instead of... well, bagels...], the Devils Official Twitter account wanted to make sure there'd be no bagel funny business on this Blues road trip.

Tweet from @NJDevils: Welcome to New Jersey, @StLouisBlues. If you slice our bagels, we're calling the cops.

The Blues responded.

Tweet from @StLouisBlues: How about this - if we win tonight, you send our social team bagels. If you win, we'll send your social team bagels (slicing optional). Deal?

But anyone who knows New Jersey bagels knows they are much greater than those from St. Louis. Therefore, new terms were discussed.

Tweet from @NJDevils: Were putting up one of our best exports, you put up yours. You win, you get our bagels. We win, we get your BBQ.

And agreed to.

Tweet from @StLouisBlues:

Tweet from @NJDevils:

With time ticking down and a 3-1 lead midway through the third, the Devils could almost taste sweet victory.

Tweet from @NJDevils: Thinkin' 'bout dem ribs.

Tweet from @NJDevils: "WE WANT THE BBQ!" "WE WANT THE BBQ!" 

The Blues made things interesting late by cutting the Devils lead to 3-2, but an empty-netter from Joey Anderson in the trailing moments sealed a 4-2 victory and delicious, saucy, St. Louis BBQ.

Tweet from @NJDevils: They say dont make a deal with the #NJDevils.@StLouisBlues, please send the BBQ to 25 Lafayette St, Newark NJ C/O Devils Social Team.#NJDEVILS WIN!

Tweet from @NJDevils:

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