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PODCAST: Behind the Scenes and Behind the Bench

This week hear from head coach Lindy Ruff and SVP of Marketing, Jillian Frechette

by Amanda Stein amandacstein /

This week's edition of the Speak of the Devils Podcast, presented by RWJBarnabas Health, takes viewers both behind the scenes with Senior Vice President of Marketing Jillian Frechette, and behind the Devils bench with Lindy Ruff. 

The podcast is first joined by Frechette, who has spearheaded the Marketing and Content departments over a very different time in the world, and particularly a time where the main marketing product - the actual game and players themselves - are not on the ice. Frechette's focus has been to make sure fans continue to feel part of the team during such a unique time. 

"For 10 months, we've been working away and telling stories that are connecting with our fans," Frechette said, "and our fans are very engaged, they're very excited. So, the two things that I think about all the time, rolling into the season, are our metrics and momentum. We've got both, and we're very fortunate."

Matt Loughlin and Chris Wescott along with Frechette take you behind the scenes of the upcoming NHL season and how her department and the Devils, in general, are working towards this unique opportunity. Frechette shares her thoughts on the upcoming season, upgrades to the NJD.TV studio, live stream plans, and of course reaching fans during a pandemic.

In the second half of the podcast, Loughlin is joined by Amanda Stein and together they sit down with Devils head coach Lindy Ruff. 

Ruff sat down fresh off of making big decisions with management and his coaching staff, with a roster deadline looming just before the podcast recording. But the conversation goes further than just who is on the roster, but also how he sees a benefit and a plan for the one-time Taxi Squad this season.

Ruff gives a glimpse into how his coaching staff has come together, the fun that they have, and how he uses every member of his coaching staff in his decision making process. One unique part of the conversation was how even the goalie coach, Dave Rogalski, who Ruff jokes "speaks a different language, 'goalie'" is thoroughly involved in the conversations, Ruff leaning on Rogalski to consider what areas of the systems or plays drawn up suit the goaltenders he's working with. 

And then there's the addition of Mark Recchi to his coaching staff. Recchi can often be seen working with Jack Hughes after practices, sometimes for an extra half hour. 

"I really do believe that's part of the value [of Mark Recchi]," Ruff said on the podcast, "Mark has seen it, he's done it all. And I just think it's a tremendous asset for us to have him and for Jack to use him."

Ruff offers a glimpse into how he's approaching the unique season, the challenges and the opportunities that will surely arise from this New NHL season, and just how excited the entire team as a group, are excited to finally step out onto the ice for Game One. 

That, and much more in our Speak of the Devils Podcast, presented by RWJ Barnabas Health.

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