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How to Play Ovi O's Slapshot on Snapchat

Unlock an augmented reality experience with your Giant Ovi O's cereal box and Snapchat

by Washington Capitals @Capitals /

The time is here!

Alex Ovechkin's signature cereal "Ovi O's" created in partnership with Giant Foods is on shelves in the Washington, D.C. region. And with that, the Washington Capitals are pleased to unveil an augmented reality game "Ovi O's Slapshot" available now using Snapchat and the cereal box. Here is how to play: 

1. Head to Giant and buy a box of Ovi O's

2. Open Snapchat and scan the following Snap Code to unlock the Lens Filter or click here to automatically unlock on Snapchat

3. Once the lens is unlocked, point your phone at your box of Ovi O's to begin playing Slapshot. The lens will unlock for 48 hours but fear not - you can unlock it as many times as you scan the code.

4. Hold your phone at least one foot away from the box, then touch and drag your finger back to set up for the shot. You'll notice you can shoot high or low depending on where the target is in the net. Then swipe your finger forward to launch the Ovi O's at the targets. You'll hear Alex Ovehckin himself cheering you on as you play the game. "Sick Shot!" "Nice Try!" "Play Again!"

5. We want to see your high scores! Take videos and screenshots of you playing the Ovi O's Slapshot game and let's see who will have the best score! Send them our way on Twitter using the hashtag #OviOs and tag @GiantFood.

Here is a video of someone playing the game so you can see if you are doing it right. Enjoy, Caps fans!

Video: Ovi O's Slapshot on Snapchat

(If you cannot get a box of Ovi O's because you are living too far away, you can download the cover artwork by clicking here and if you print it out or display it on your computer, you can still unlock the game

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