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Tatar: Taking his workouts on the road

Tomas Tatar has been making regular trips to Bratislava this summer for some bonus training time

by Matt Cudzinowski @CanadiensMTL /

MONTREAL - While Tomas Tatar does the bulk of his offseason training at FitFabrik in Dubnica nad Váhom, he also spends his fair share of time working out in Bratislava as well.

The Slovak capital is his girlfriend Veronika's hometown, so the 90-minute drive down has become fairly routine.

In Bratislava, Tatar has been training under the watchful eye of strength and conditioning specialist Tomas Mihalik, whose clients have included some of Slovakia's top hockey players and former Wimbledon and US Open champion Lleyton Hewitt, among others.

Mihalik is the co-founder and owner of Health & Performance, which offers personalized services in the areas of fitness, body assessment, physiotherapy and regeneration, and nutrition.

This marks the first summer that Tatar has enlisted Mihalik's services to assist with his preparation, and the 28-year-old left-winger couldn't be happier with the arrangement.

"We're working on many different things together. One of them is to get my body moving the proper way," explained Tatar, whose gym sessions with Mihalik thus far have also focused on improving speed and power.

If you want to be fast, run fast!; Improved running speed (your max, "top end" speed will be increased) Higher running economy (you'll be more efficient and use less energy at the same speeds) Better neuromuscular coordination (the communication pathways between your brain and muscles) Increased muscle strength That last one is important: sprinting can help you get stronger if done appropriately. Just like a squat makes you recruit a lot of muscle fibers in a strong contraction, running at top speed does exactly the same thing. The mechanism is different but the effect is very similar. And what about combination?!?! @tomastatar90 @health.performance_ihsc @majopitel #highspeedrunning #weightlifting #runningeconomy

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Mihalik has been putting Tatar through some serious on-ice work, too. 

And it's safe to say the eight-year NHL veteran is looking extra strong on his skates.

Coming off a career-year with 58 points, Tatar was stoked to get his summer training regimen going and build on a successful 2018-19 campaign.

Admittedly, he relishes the process of building his frame back up again in preparation for a brand new year.

"Especially after the season when the body's banged up, you lose a lot of muscle and it's just great to see your body re-energize, get bigger and get stronger. It's a grind, but it's a short-term grind. I think everybody's feeling really good about that stuff before they go to training camp. It's something I enjoy, and it's a bonus I can do it in my hometown at FitFabrik so I can be around my friends and my people," said Tatar. "It's something where you're excited and you want to be better. This is the time where you can improve."

We also tracked down this rather unique clip of Tatar working on his shot about six weeks ago in Dubnica nad Váhom.

No wonder he won the accuracy shooting event at the Canadiens Skills Competition back in January…

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