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My Hometown… with Josh Brook

Let the 20-year-old defenseman take you on a tour of Roblin, MB

by Matt Cudzinowski @CanadiensMTL /

MONTREAL - While the Rocket may call Laval home during the season, they'll never forget where they came from. Long before prospect Josh Brook first hit the ice in the AHL, he was taking his first strides toward stardom back home in Roblin, MB. Check out Josh's insider guide to some of the must-sees back in his hometown.


The Roblin & District Centennial Arena has a restaurant that just opened up. I always go there when I'm home. I'll go for the chicken burger with some cactus cuts, maybe. The people who run the rink's kitchen open it up during games. It's good.


There isn't much for shopping in Roblin. You usually drive to a big city like Regina or Winnipeg. Regina is about three hours away, Winnipeg is about four-and-a-half. I don't just head to those spots to go shopping, though. It's a trip to do something and then you end up shopping. 


The rink. I always hung out there when I was a kid. Even now when I'm home, my brothers and I go to the rink over Christmas break and skate. I have so many good memories there. It was a big part of my life when I was living there. 


It's the same rink. I remember never wanting to get off the ice. My sister played and she was two years older. We'd practice and then their team would practice and I would ask to stay on for that one, too. I just tried to stay on as much as I could. Whenever there would be open ice, I'd be there. The guy who runs the rink, Murray Schnell, he always gave us extra time. Whenever we need the rink open, he opens it up and always helps us. We still text whenever something good happens for me. He's been awesome to me.


Roblin Elementary School. When I was young, I got into a lot of trouble there. (Laughs) The last year there in Grade 8, though, I was the student president. I really enjoyed gym class, obviously.


It's the "Jewel of the Parkland." It's beautiful. It's just a great place with great people. It's known for having a big jewel there as an attraction. I still have lots of family there, so it's always awesome to go back.

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