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Bergy's Guide to Vegas

Six-time Selke Finalist is no stranger to Sin City

by Caryn Switaj @NHLBruins /

LAS VEGAS - Patrice Bergeron isn't a stranger to Las Vegas.

The 2017 NHL Awards mark his sixth trip to the league's annual awards show, which has been held in Vegas since 2009. In that span, Bergeron has taken home the honor three out of five times, including wins in 2012, 2014 and 2015.

Each visit to the city brings a new opportunity to explore what it has to offer. caught up with Patrice to get some great tips on how to make the most of a few days in Sin City. Read on to see his take on Vegas restaurants, entertainment and gambling.

What do you usually like to do in Las Vegas?
First of all, I usually kind of hang out by the pool and try to catch some sun and kind of just relax and unwind ["Actually, I stay in the shade," he later clarified!]. You know, it's pretty hot outside, but still nice to have a chance to do that, and other than that, we've done a lot of dinners and shows over the years, me and my wife [Stephanie], so we've done a lot of them.

Any specific shows you like to see?
I think our favorite has been Mystere from Cirque du Soleil, which we had no expectations and sometimes that's probably the best, when you don't think any of it.

On attending a David Copperfield show last year…
It was good. You know, everyone knows he's an illusionist, so it's pretty amazing and mind-boggling sometimes, the things that he does and how he does it - and I guess we'll never know - but it was fun to be a part of.

There's something for everyone here, right?
Yeah, basically! We've done a helicopter ride down to the Canyon and that was fun, too. It's pretty amazing to see, so we've been here a few times. That's why I'm talking about hanging out by the pool, because we've done so many things now that we don't want to kind of overdue it.

Ever see Celine Dion? Mariah Carey?
Yeah, we've done Celine Dion, too, yeah. We actually met her after the show. I definitely respect her for everything she's done and she's from back home. I do appreciate everything that she's done and it was pretty special to meet her. She's a terrific artist and the things that she's accomplished are special. She's from the Montreal area, but still, she's huge back home. You're proud that she's made it and she's done well for herself.

Ever try your hand at gambling?
Not much. You know, not really. I can't say that I've gambled at all, honestly.

Well, there's so much to do here beyond that. What restaurants you would recommend?
I went to STK Steakhouse at the Cosmopolitan - that was really, really good for a steakhouse. There's The Lakeside View at the Wynn - it's a show as you eat dinner. There's a little river and there's a show that's animated - I mean, it's Vegas, so I'm not surprised anymore!

(This story was originally published on at the 2016 NHL Awards.)

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