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Power Rankings: Holiday Videos

by Ann Frazier /

It's that time of year again. The smell of peppermint fills the air as people deck the halls with boughs of holly while singing their favorite festive tune... and clamour for the newest Sharks holiday video to be released. 

With the tradition starting back in 2009, this season's video will be the eighth iteration of the Sharks holiday videos, and from the sneak preview that got of it, it looks to be just as amazing as the other ones.

But it got us thinking: which of the already-released holiday videos is the best? Okay, that one's obvious. But how about how the rest of them stack up? 

So here are all the Sharks holiday videos so far, ranked. 

7. This is a Sharks Holiday Party - 2013

Video: This is a Holiday Party - 2013 Sharks Holiday Video

Starting these rankings off with what we consider the weakest - but still hilarious - iteration, the Sharks Holiday Party decided to go further than just the players or broadcasters and incorporate members of the front office into the video. While most (if not all) of the videos tread that very fine awkward vs. funny line, this one falls a bit more on the awkward side than most. 

6. Behind the Holiday Videos - 2015

Video: Behind the Holiday Videos Pt. 1 - 2015 Sharks Video

The most ambitious holiday video to date, the Sharks decided to pay homage to the 25th anniversary and take a deeper (if somewhat fictitious) look into the making of the previous videos with a five part series (part one shown above).

Besides featuring current Sharks players, Sharks alumni Evgeni Nabokov and Ryane Clowe were also on hand to talk about their roles in the videos. (Didn't know Nabokov was in the holiday videos? We didn't either!) 

5. Slappy the Enchanted Holiday Elf - 2009

Video: Slappy the Enchanted Holiday Elf -09 Sharks Holiday

Everything has to have a beginning, including the Sharks Holiday Videos. And while this video's concept is much simpler than what comes later, it began the series and featured Joe Thornton talking in a falsetto. 

4. The Office Secret Santa - 2016

Video: 2016 Secret Santa Sharks Holiday Video

Martin Jones never blinking, Chris Tierney's immobile hair, Island Time, the eternal Peas & Carrots (better known as Tomas Hertl and Tommy Wingels) friendship… This holiday video was packed to the gills with inside jokes and references. But making an Office parody three years after the show ends? Yeah, that's gonna hurt the ranking.

3. Sharks Holiday A Cappella Album - 2010

Video: Sharks Holiday A Cappella Holiday Album - 2010

The first time Sharks players were forced to sing bad holiday song parodies, this cheesy parody of a Holiday Album commercial features awkward dancing, off-key singing, and horrific v-neck sweater and turtleneck combos. It's one of the greatest videos ever produced.  

2. Sharks Holiday Shopping Network - 2011

Video: Sharks Holiday Shopping Network - 2011 SharksVideo

This fabulous parody of the Home Shopping Network, this video incorporated the different Sharks Sports & Entertainment properties while mostly serving as an excuse to make fun of each other and former Sharks forward Jamie McGinn. 

Bonus: Brent Burns with the flow and the mo. 

1. Holiday Sweater - 2014

Video: Holiday Sweater - 2014 Sharks Holiday Video

Turkey, ham, pumpkin pie
The holidays are here and I want to look fly
Wanna look sharp, sharp as cheddar
That's why I got me a holiday sweater

Ever since these smooth rhymes hit the airwaves back in 2014, they've been stuck in your head. Admit it. 

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