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Figure Skating: Advanced Classes

On-Ice Classes

Designed to improve power, speed and stamina! Looking to increase your stamina for figure skating programs AND hockey games! Look no more! Join us for 15 minutes of continuous skills set to a fun playlist! Figure and hockey skaters welcome.

Focus on all 4 phases of a spin (Preparation, entrance, position and exit) Spin on a dime in this fun and challenging class focused only on spins! Think you can do a 40-revolution combo spin? Come on out and show us! Class will focus on the core principles of spinning, from beginning pivots to flying combination spins. Skaters will learn valuable information needed to increase their rotations speed, and learn how to increase their IJS spin levels.

Focus on all 4 phases of jump (Preparation, take-off, air position and landings) Our Open & High Jump class offers skaters the opportunity to focus on the key principals of single & multi-revolution jump technique, and gain a better understanding of IJS scoring, while working in an engaging, cooperative learning environment.

Off-Ice Classes

Fundamentals associated with skater's balance, core, posture, alignment. Focus on proper use of muscles to jump off ground and ice. Emphasis on extensions, control in developing standard basic ballet positions and terminology used in ballet AND skating

#JoinTheRevolution Focus on jump technique, rotational position, jump exercises, landing positions. Running shoes, skating or exercise attire is a must! Off-ice harness - perfect your air-position to speed up the learning process on ice

Focus on power, strength and conditioning. Running shoes, skating or exercise attire is required.

Due to Ford Ice Center's busy schedule, class times may vary. Please confirm class times before arrival by calling Ford Ice Center's front desk (615) 742-4399