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Figure Skating: Advanced Classes

Advanced Class Options:
Class Description
Off-Ice Jumps & Strength Power, technique and grace without the worry of being on a 1/8th inch blade! Music will be playing, blood will be pumping and skaters will be able to improve their technique and strength all in one!
On-Ice Jumps Want to be the next Scott Hamilton? "Jump"-start your career today!
On-Ice Low Level Jumps Jumps don't have to be just for advanced skaters. Intended for little ones, this class focuses on balance, coordination and simple jump technique.
On-Ice Spins Spin on a dime in this fun and challenging class focused only on spins! Think you can do a 40-revolution combo spin? Come on out and show us!
Power Class Looking to increase your stamina for figure skating programs and hockey games? Look no more! Join us for 15 minutes of continuous skills set to a fun playlist.
High-Level Harness Take the fear factor out of flying! A jump harness helps skaters achieve desired air positions, height and rotations risk-free. Harness work speeds up the learning process accelerating our skaters to reach their full potential.
Adult Edge Class Have you always wanted to improve your edge quality? Well, this is the class for you! Open to all adults of any level over the age of 18.
Yoga Come relax with us and get into a better mindset after working hard on the ice. With our certified yoga instructor, you will have the opportunity to find your Zen and come out feeling revived and refreshed.