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Capitals to give away Wilson volleyball bobblehead at game vs. Blues

Forward will resemble Hanks' friend from 'Cast Away' movie

by Pat Pickens @Pat_Pickens / Staff Writer

Everyone, meet Tom... Willllssssoonnnnn!!!!

The Washington Capitals unveiled their latest terrific giveaway, a bobblehead doll where the forward is dressed as a volleyball.

Wilson the volleyball was Tom Hanks' sole friend from the 2000 movie "Cast Away." The doll features Wilson's head with a backwards cap and the body of a volleyball with Washington's logo.

The Capitals used clips from the movie to unveil the promotional item, which they'll distribute to fans at their game against the St. Louis Blues on March 24.

Instagram from @capitals: WILSONNNNN!

Tweet from @Capitals: Coming soon���👀

The Capitals offered a Wilson-volleyball bobblehead as one of its three options for its special Election Day doll in 2016. Fans chose a Braden Holtby doll instead, and we hope Wilson's gotten over the pain of that decision all these years later since his bobblehead will finally get its day.

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