Carter Verhaeghe's first goal of the 2024 Stanley Cup playoffs electrified the Florida Panthers home crowd and viewers at home alike.

The groundbreaking "NHL in ASL" (American Sign Language) broadcast was no different.

The first-of-its kind alternate broadcast of the Stanley Cup Final in American Sign Language for the Deaf community communicated the slick play, a beautiful pass from Panthers captain Aleksander Barkov to Verhaeghe, in full sign language to the audience.

The broadcasters are Jason Altmann, chief operating officer of P-X-P (an organization that looks to make sports more accessible to Deaf and Hard of Hearing fans) and Noah Blankenship, who works in the Office of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services in the Agency for Human Rights and Community Partnerships under the city and county of Denver. During the game, they could be seen in boxes to the right side of the screen using sign language to help communicate with viewers.

The duo brought analysis and insight to major plays and referee calls throughout Game 1 and will continue during the 2024 Stanley Cup Final on digital platforms of ESPN+ and Canada's Sportsnet+.

Over 30 million Americans are affected by hearing loss and almost another 4 million in Canada.